The Handelsblatt Annual Conference “Privatkundengeschäft”( engl. „Retail Banking“) took place again this year in Frankfurt on September 22 and 23, 2020 under the topic”Future Retail Banking”. For the 10th time in a row, Consileon accompanied this event as main sponsor and content partner. Despite Corona restrictions, more than 70 top decision makers from major and private banks, savings banks and cooperative banks as well as FinTechs discussed the future of retail banking.

Introduction of the study #RetailBanking2025

A highlight of this high-profile event was the exclusive presentation of our new #RetailBanking2025 study by our managing partner, Ralph Hientzsch. With this study, we provide banks with a clear compass for realigning their retail banking – the Consileon 4C model. The model helps decision-makers to sustainably improve their performance in retail banking and to generate genuine customer enthusiasm in the process. At the heart of the model are 4 dimensions (4 “Cs”). The first dimension comprises the development of a Core Strategic Focus. In line with this, the core competencies are specifically developed. The third dimension of the model is the optimization of the transformation capability and the fourth and last dimension is the determination of customer enthusiasm as a result of the successful application of the model.

In addition to Ralph Hientzsch’s presentation, FinTechs, major banks and technology groups provided interesting insights into the future of retail banking, which were discussed intensively in the plenary session and during the conference breaks.  

The two days have reinforced our realization that retail banking is on the brink of radical change. Banks that do not adapt to this change as quickly as possible will not be able to survive on the market in the long term.

We are happy to support you in mastering the upcoming change in a holistic way.