Digital Mindset

The success of digital transformation depends on the ability of everyone involved to mentally adjust to a new situation.

Digital mindet: Man mit Tablett und holografische Darschtellung vom Gehirn

Digital transformation begins with the transformation of the mindset

Globalization, digitization, market pressure, sales expectations, cost pressure… Never before have there been so many and comprehensive changes as in times of digitization.

Digital transformation not only requires new ways of working and new methods, it also requires a completely new mindset among managers and employees. Changing markets and conditions elicit very different reactions from decision-makers and employees. While executives like to react faster and more flexibly, employees tend to want more structure and clear rules or stability. These differences must ultimately lead to a dead end.

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Corporate culture as the biggest hurdle

The necessary cultural change is an often ignored and underestimated success factor for digital transformation.

Brain perceives change as a threat

The human brain is designed for maintenance, so it perceives change as a threat and reacts with high stress. Performance decreases as a result.

Digital Mindset stress levels and performance

Changing Mindset – Solutions from Consileon

Frau mit Menschlicher Anatomie als Overlay

Behavior – Digital Mindset

The success of Digital Transformation depends on the ability of all stakeholders to mentally adapt to a new situation.

Menschliche Kopf Anatomie mit Code im Hintergrund

Change Mindset

The prerequisites for a new mindset are understanding the background and setting goals, adapting structures and practicing new methods and introducing them into everyday life.

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Miljenko Jazvac is one of our experts when it comes to agile working. As a certified Scrum Master, he drives agile projects both internally at Consileon and for our customers.


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