SWIFT-CSCF Assessment

Consileon conducts the SWIFT-CSCF assessment for you and implements necessary measures together with you

For a long time, the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT) operated primarily as a secure communications channel for banks’ international payment transactions. This is still the case today. Internationally, practically no money can be moved without the SWIFT system. Currently, about 11,000 banks and financial institutions are connected to the SWIFT payment traffic and together move about six trillion U.S. dollars per day.

A successful hacker attack, in which criminals managed to break into a bank’s internal system and were then able to make transfers using the secure SWIFT network, made SWIFT realize that it must also ensure sufficient security within its affiliated banks.

SWIFT therefore commits all participating institutions to a strict security program, the Customer Security Controls Framework (CSCF). This ensures that all areas relevant to payment transactions and communicating with SWIFT are strictly shielded from the rest of the financial institution’s IT systems and the Internet.

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Our certified experts will be happy to conduct the external SWIFT-CSCF assessment for you.

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Schutz Netzwerksicherheit Computer und sicher Ihre Daten Konzept. Digitale Kriminalität durch einen anonymen Hacker

SWIFT users are required to submit their self-certifications of compliance with mandatory and, where applicable, recommended security controls to an independent audit by the end of 2023. What this means for you as a SWIFT user is that you will need to demonstrate an independent audit based on CSCF v2023 by the end of next year. We would be happy to advise you on this.

Consileon is listed by SWIFT* and can perform the mandatory, independent SWIFT assessment for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • “To improve the security of global payments, SWIFT has established the Customer Security Programme (CSP), which requires SWIFT users to certify the level of implementation of the requirements from the SWIFT CSP. SWIFT updates this on a regular basis, regularly converting recommended controls into mandatory ones. Already in 2019, the Independent Assessment Framework has been imposed on us as a SWIFT A1 Full Stack architecture operator. In the context of this challenge, Consileon Business Consultancy’s strengths – in addition to its methodological and technical expertise – include its partnership approach and flexibility. Developing customized solutions together with us was as much part of Consileon’s competence and ambition as accompanying us until we achieved a test certificate.”

    (This statement has been translated from German into English)

What we can do for you

Consileon is listed by SWIFT*. You will receive the following services from us:


We are your partner for external assessment and CSCF certification.


As a SWIFT auditor, we help you raise your operational cyber security to the necessary standard for SWIFT.


We design the IT architecture of your SWIFT Secure Zone with you.


We work with you to establish a robust cyber incident response process that can withstand today’s threats.


We conduct red teaming exercises. This means that we carry out controlled attacks on your IT systems to uncover security vulnerabilities.

*Disclaimer: SWIFT does not certify, warrant, endorse or recommend any of the service providers listed in the Directory. SWIFT customers are not obligated to use the providers listed in the directory.

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As an expert for enterprise integration, he uses his more than 10 years of experience to support corporations and medium-sized companies in various industries in the integration and migration of complex communication channels. The focus is on modern technologies that meet the continuously increasing requirements for scalability and take into account current security standards and data protection aspects.

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*Disclaimer: SWIFT does not certify, warrant, endorse or recommend any of the service providers listed in the Directory. SWIFT customers are not obligated to use the providers listed in the directory.

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