Management- und IT-Beratung Consileon veröffentlich die dritte Ausgabe des Kundenmagazins Content für die Automotive-Branche

The automotive industry is undergoing an epochal transformation. One of the most important topics in this context is the development and optimization of holistic car IT, which is forcing car manufacturers to rethink at various levels. In this context, OEMs must focus on a vehicle- and function-related software development that is coordinated at all levels and extends along the entire customer journey. Purely component-oriented vehicle development is no longer sufficient. However, this also means that the development of new vehicles or components (mobile devices) is becoming significantly more complex.

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Car IT networks driver and vehicle

Within Car IT, the main focus in the past was on the functions of the vehicle and less on the digital, networked interaction of the customer with the same. Due to the increased offering of online services and vehicle-independent, digital services for the customer, three areas that previously acted separately now have to be interlinked: car IT, business/group IT, and IT on the end customer side. These three areas must now dovetail and function in coordination with each other to optimize the customer experience and reduce time-to-market and manufacturing times. Handling sensitive vehicle and customer data also requires much more sensitivity. A large amount of data has to be collected, aggregated, evaluated and made accessibly. The topics of regulation and compliance, which have long been familiar from the banking sector, are also increasingly finding their way into the automotive industry. The Supply Chain Act is just one example, with many more to follow.

This issue of Content Magazine, therefore, deals with the increased and necessary IT and software competence of automotive manufacturers and is dedicated to self-developed software solutions. You can also learn more about our expertise in Payment Orchestration, user experience, and voice assistance.

Content Magazin Edition 03 des Automotive-Sektors der Management- und IT-Beratung Consileon mit einem Schwerpunkt auf Car IT

Consileon: Your co-driver on the road to the digital future

Portrait vom Dirk Dempewolf, Head of Automotive-Consulting bei Consileon

Dirk Dempewolf has been part of Consileon’s management team since 2016 and is responsible for the Automotive division. Digitization is changing all areas of life and the economy at breakneck speed. The automotive industry, in particular, must keep pace and develop completely new car IT structures in addition to new drive concepts. The technological challenges for the industry have never been greater than they are today.

Consileon: Your co-driver on the road to the digital future. Would you like to learn more about these topics and how Consileon can accompany you on your way? Just contact us, we’ll be happy to advise you: analog and digital.

The power of the voice. Quo vadis, voice assistants?

For a long time, voice assistants were regarded as gimmicks that made everyday life easier but did not offer any direct benefits for companies – especially not in economically justifiable relation to the effort involved. But the tide has now turned: Voice assistants have gone from being a nice-to-have to a must-have. And they are finding a permanent place not only in our homes but also in more and more automobiles. We take an in-depth look at the trending topic of voice with you. We look at how voice assistants have become a powerful voice in the chorus of digital marketing, how the user experience has changed as a result of Alexa, Siri, and the like, and what role voice will play in the automotive sector in the future. And you’ll learn which innovative tool from Consileon you can already use with your voice.

Voicemarketing als Teil des Marketing-Mix im Automobilsektor. Symbolbild mit einer jungen Frau und einem Smartphone

The target is the target. The Consileon E-range Calculator.

Potential e-car customers often have many questions to deal with before they buy: What is the range? How many years will the battery last? How long does the charging process take? OEMs, dealers and car news portals provide answers a-plenty – but mostly in confusing tables. What was missing until now was an easy-to-use and clear app in which the complex factors influencing e-car range can be made visible interactively.

Consileon’s solution: an app that can be easily integrated into your website in your design. The app is currently under development and will be available soon. In this way, you not only offer potential buyers real assistance, but can also allay concerns about e-cars and ultimately support targeted sales. All details about Consileon’s innovative e-range calculator can be found conveniently here.

Symbolbild mit einem Smartphone. Die Vorteile des E-Mobilitätsrechners des Beratungsunternehmens Consileon werden im folgenden Artikel vorgestellt

Pay, please. Innovative payment solutions for connected cars.

The days when a vehicle only had to get its occupants from A to B reliably and safely are over. Customers expect more from their vehicles and manufacturers are constantly working on further innovative functions. The aspect of in-car services and payments plays a special role here – and payment processing, in particular, is becoming one of the decisive factors that will determine the future success of smart mobility concepts. In our article, together with our payment consulting partner, aye4fin, we highlight what you should look out for when setting up secure and future-oriented payment processing.

Grafik, die die zunehmende Vernetzung von Autos darstellt. Ganz besonders wichtig ist dies für den aufstrebenden Zweig des In-Car-Payment

Between on and off: hybrid new world.

We have long since ceased to live and work only off- or online; the two worlds are increasingly blending. So we lead a hybrid existence, to which we also have to adapt the way we interact with services and products. This also applies to the digitization of brochures and magazines.

One example of how this balancing act between print and web can succeed and create added value for customers is our small folder, which quickly turns out to be a fully-fledged, innovative online magazine.

(The Content Magazine 03 is in German)

Das neue Konzept des Content-Magazins der Management- und IT-Beratung Consileon wird in einer Grafik gezeigt. Die Broschüre hat die Form eines Smartphones und lässt sich aufklappen.

Mobility for tomorrow: Smart Mobility Study by Consileon

With the Smart Mobility Study conducted by Consileon, we analyzed the state of connectivity and sustainability of transport and smart mobility in a sample of 92 medium-sized and large German cities. For this purpose, more than 10,000 data points were evaluated. The results were more heterogeneous than expected, and the steep gradient from the top to the bottom of the ranking was surprising. We have also prepared the most important lessons learned from the analysis for you so that you can get a quick overview of this important topic.


In einer Studie zum Thema Smart Mobility bewertet ein Team aus Consultants von Consileon die Fortschritte in 92 deutschen Städten.

Your contact for the topic of Smart Mobility

Portrait von Mathias Rohstock, Experte Smart Mobility

Of course, we at Consileon will be happy to assist you at any time, from the needs analysis to the traffic strategy.

Mathias Rohstock
+49 721 35460-80

In the interest of the customer: UX as the key to success.

User experience (UX) is the complete experience an end-user has before, during, and after interacting with products or services at all touchpoints to a business. The better the needs of your end-users are considered at every step of product creation and use, the greater the customer satisfaction and ultimately your business success. But how can a good user experience be designed? What role does user-friendliness (= usability) play in a successful UX and how do you find out which adjusting screws you need to turn to in order to further optimize the perception of your products and services?

Let’s find out together: Join us on our deep dive into the topic of UX.

unternehmensberatung automotive

Digital know-how to listen to.

Our podcast “On the pulse of time – automotive industry in flux”

In our podcast “On the pulse of time – automotive industry in flux” we regularly inform you about current trends and developments in the industry.

(Most of our podcast content is in German)

Der Automotive-Consulting-Bereich von Consileon gibt einen Podcast zu Themen aus dem Automobilwelt heraus, besonders aus dem Bereich IT

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