Artificial intelligence – expensive hype or efficient toolbox?

Make your company fit for the future with artificial intelligence

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Sounds like the ideal employee, and it is: the technology that will help you keep up with rapid changes in the marketplace.

Artificial intelligence uses machine learning to categorize data, make it usable and learn from it. What factors are responsible for the fact that trains are often late? Why do so many people in one region fall ill at the same time, while this is not the case in the neighboring state? What regularities occur and how can we learn from them?

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Artificial intelligence evaluates data and makes predictions. While classic software processes problems on the basis of predefined rules, machine learning can learn the best rules for solving certain tasks itself and design algorithms from them.

What can artificial intelligence do for your business?

With AI, you respond to market changes with foresight

With the help of artificial intelligence and data analytics, you can make forecasts today for tomorrow’s market. People are now used to companies responding to changing situations at lightning speed with offers tailored to their needs. With AI, you are prepared.

AI addresses your customers more personally (CRM)

AI gets to know your customers intimately and can therefore estimate how they will behave. With this information, you can address your customer personally and on an occasion-specific basis.

AI prevents fraud, e.g. in banking

AI signals when the customer behaves differently than expected. This is important in the case of fraud, here you can react at lightning speed and prevent fraud before it has any further impact on the system.

AI helps automate work processes

An AI algorithm can learn from the experience of your employees by comparing the actions of your employees with the mass data underlying the employee decisions. There is no need to create costly rules by hand that are then only valid for a limited time. As the world changes, so do the process environment, the AI algorithm adapts with it.

New, increasingly challenging areas of application for artificial intelligence are being added almost daily. US technology companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Amazon are investing large sums in the further development of AI and machine learning, making the technology increasingly relevant for European and German companies.

We make you an AI company. The way that suits you best

At which point can AI make more decisions itself? Together, we consider where AI will help you the most and how this will change the processes in your company. Together with your team, we create the organizational conditions for the introduction of AI in your company and actively involve your employees in the change with comprehensive change management. An AI introduction is, at least perceived, always a big change for all people in the company.

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This is how we integrate AI straightforwardly
into your system.

Consileon supports you in identifying, implementing and operating AI solutions in your company. In doing so, we take existing systems and your company’s situation into account.


CAI-LOTSE: Use case identification and prioritization


CAI-Explorer: Proof of concepts construction


CAI-Builder: Further development of proof of concepts into integrated productive applications


CAI-Instructor: Trainings and management seminars


CAI-Accelerator: Change Management

A difference maker when it comes to artificial intelligence

Portrait von Andreas Alin

Dr. Andreas Alin has been with Consileon since 2014 and drives change management and artificial intelligence. Two mutually dependent areas, because “AI always brings huge change and it is sometimes so difficult in the company because no one wants to feel change,” as Andreas Alin knows from experience. Andreas Alin is particularly proud of the fact that Consileon is always ahead of its time and generates real solutions with a grounding. The implementation of good AI solutions only works in a team and is then a lot of fun.


Dr. Andreas Alin

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