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Digitalisierung der Verwaltung
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Enterprises Germany: How digitization is making public services faster, cheaper and more congenial

In July 2013, the “Act to Promote Electronic Administration” was passed in the Bundestag. Its aim was to enable citizens to communicate digitally with their administration in the future. Whether paying fees, submitting forms, or organizing files, everything is to be handled online in the future. Six years later, the public sector is still in the middle of digital transformation.

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Citizens expect digital services from their authorities

Meanwhile, society has evolved. Citizens and businesses take digital services for granted – and they also demand them from their authorities and ministries. Online appointments and e-mail communication already work in many municipalities. However, an overall IT strategy that simplifies processes and networks platforms is lacking in many places. However, this is precisely what is needed to create the efficiency in workflows that the federal government and taxpayers are increasingly calling for.

We have successfully helped many companies from other industries through digital transformation. You can benefit from this as well.

Our years of experience in profit-critical industries such as Banking, Automotive and Insurance can help you implement digital transformation quickly and without any pitfalls. For us, this means: we not only design your process and IT strategy, but we also develop the applications ourselves. This allows us to tailor your IT exactly to your needs and create new digital service tools together with you.

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From strategy to implementation

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Digital model

The Bundesagentur für Arbeit (BA, engl. Federal Employment Agency) is the pioneer among public authorities. It digitized job exchanges and job counseling many years ago.

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The change of society

IT and cooperations solve the challenges of our society. In addition to its administrative tasks, the federal government is driving change in society.

Our difference makes the difference for you:

Notizen mit der Schrift: Erfolgreich Anders

As strategists and IT developers, we have successfully implemented digitization in many other industries. You may benefit from our many years of experience in the Planning, Application and Implementation of new IT, including the cultural change that goes hand in hand with it. We accompany your project to completion and ensure the strategically consistent implementation of your project.
Just as we work, so are our contracts: agile. During the course of the project, you can decide whether you need further consulting – without rigid framework contracts.

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