On the pulse of time – automotive industry in transition

In our automotive podcast series, we talk to experts from the automotive industry and related sectors about challenges and new issues facing automotive manufacturers in particular. Together, we also shed light on concepts and methods that can be of use to OEMs on the road to change and open up new opportunities in a competitive environment that is partly foreign to the industry. Questions such as “What are the major challenges facing the German automotive industry?” or “What trends and developments are shaping the everyday lives of OEMs and suppliers?” will be discussed.

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Overview of all episodes


Are you still searching or are you already parking? – Interview with Parkopedia

In our first podcast episode in English, we talk to Hans Puvogel, COO at Parkopedia.
Parkopedia was founded in 2007 with the aim of solving parking problems all over the world. Today, Parkopedia is the world’s leading parking service provider with information on over 70 million parking spaces in 89 countries.

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Companies such as Apple, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, TomTom and Volkswagen already rely on the service provider. With the help of Parkopedia, drivers can find the nearest parking facility at their respective location, receive real-time information on the availability of parking facilities and pay for them conveniently from their vehicle via the app. In this interview, we talk about what makes the progressive business model so successful and why the software in the car should play a more important role in the future.


Does Gen Z still buy from the dealership? – A study by Horyzn.io

In our new episode, we talk to Philipp Raasch and Markus Lenker from Horyzn. The start-up helps organisations in the automotive and mobility sector to shape the digital and data-driven sales of the future. Horyzn develops and optimises journeys, processes and digital organisations based on technology and data. Fittingly, you conducted a large-scale study on the car buying behaviour of Generation Z with over 1300 participants in Germany. You can now listen to what came out right here with us! Listen in now! You can find the study here: Automotive Sales for Gen Z | horyzn.io


Taking a holistic view of real estate and e-mobility – The Charging Project

The trend is toward decentralized energy supply: a rapidly growing market as gasoline and gas prices rise. The demand for alternative, long-term and marketable solutions such as PV systems, electromobility and heat pumps is growing – and this also applies to the multi-family house. Space for appropriate technologies must therefore be considered at an early stage and factored into the planning of new buildings. The startup “The Charging Project” has dedicated itself to precisely this task and supports customers from the property management and homeowners’ association sectors. From private apartment owners to cooperatives and building societies: the startup gives its all to make the complex topic of charging infrastructure suitable for everyday use.

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In our new podcast episode, Daniel Scholz, marketing manager and specialist for e-mobility solutions, explains to us why fears such as “not having enough electricity” are unfounded and how The Charging Project knows how to use existing infrastructures as well as possible with intelligent charging solutions.

Listen in now!


The Netflix of the automotive industry: Why the brand experience should be the focus.

In this episode, we talk to the founder and CEO of the Lynk & Co brand, Alain Visser. His vision is to move away from traditional car dealerships and toward a community focused on stress-free mobility. To achieve this, the brand relies on uncomplicated processes. Black or blue – two simple options for a personal all-round carefree package!

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Just a few clicks and a brand new, fully equipped hybrid is delivered fresh from the factory directly to the customer’s doorstep. Best of all, the car comes with insurance, maintenance services and a Club Membership, which not only saves the dealer as an intermediate step, but also tedious paperwork!

… Curious now? Then listen in and learn more about Alain and why he calls his model “the Netflix of the car industry”.

Or visit a club in Germany right now: https://www.lynkco.com/de-de


Showcase electromobility: a look at the market situation and trends from a customer journey perspective

In this podcast episode, we talk to Dr. Joffrey Mabuma, speaker and consultant at NTT DATA. Specializing in the mobility sector and topics such as business strategy and process optimization, he sheds light on the development of electromobility in the context of various customer journey approaches, among other things. He also gives an overview of the current market situation, trends and lets us share his own vision of the future of electromobility.


Becoming more flexible in online retailing with “payment orchestration”

Payment processing is usually of secondary importance to online retailers and is seen more as a necessary evil than a priority. Nowadays, innovative and high-growth companies no longer regard payment processing as a standard service, but rather as a business process that is critical to competition.

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With the so-called Payment Orchestration (PO), a new concept has emerged in recent years that addresses the urgent need of merchants for independence and innovative solutions. PO combines a technical platform with the necessary expertise to create a flexible solution. By reducing risks and creating flexibility, this also represents an interesting growth area for automotive manufacturers.

With my guest and payment expert Ingo Blum, I talk about the current challenges facing the industry and the solutions he and his team are using to meet them.

For more on the topic, see:  https://aye4fin.com/payment-orchestration/

If you would like to learn more about Ingo Blum, connect with him on Xing or LinkedIn.


A major competitive factor for OEMs: equity investments in digital technology companies

In this podcast episode, I talk with Robert Joost about Digital Due Diligence, which complements the traditional Due Diligence process when evaluating investments in highly digitized companies.

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Due to current developments and trends, it is essential for automotive manufacturers to expand their knowledge in the area of digital technologies. Whether investing in projects or companies, the goal is to create transparency and thus greater investment security. With a focus on Digital Due Diligence, Robert Joost and his team bring the necessary tools to evaluate investments in highly digitized companies.

For more on the topic, see: https://www.consileon.de/kompetenzen/leistungen/digital-due-diligence/

For more information about Robert Joost, connect with him on Xing or LinkedIn.


VR in the automotive industry – where does the data actually come from and who uses them?

The new year starts with a special podcast episode – the first interview with three people! In a conversation with data expert Anna Höfer and rollout and project manager Christian Pfeiffer, we dive into the world of virtual reality. Our focus is on the possibilities in the automotive industry. On the one hand, we look at the data basis for VR applications and, on the other hand, the fields of application, such as in automotive retail.

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You can find out more about virtual reality at: https://www.consileon.de/virtuelle-realitaet/

If you would like to learn more about Anna Höfer, feel free to connect with her on Xing or LinkedIn.


Smart Mobility – Quo Vadis?

In this episode, I shed light on the topic of Smart Mobility with Mathias Rohstock, Principal at Consileon. After more than ten years in the consulting industry, Mathias is a Smart City expert and puts the topic of ” Mobility” into an overall context for us.

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In addition to the basic understanding, it shows which players are active in this environment and which framework conditions must be taken into account when implementing a Smart Mobility concept. We also venture a look into the future: How could our cityscape change in the short to medium term? Mathias also distinguishes between rural and urban developments.

With a view to the OEMs, here too, as with many innovative projects, it comes down to the cooperation and collaboration of those involved.

Enjoy listening!

You can find out more about Smart Mobility at: www.consileon.de/kompetenzen/leistungen/digitalisierung-der-mobilitaet/

If you want to learn more about Mathias Rohstock, feel free to connect with him on Xing or LinkedIn.


Will we still need car dealerships in the future?

In the second episode, we talk to our colleague Pia Weckendorf, Senior Project Manager at Consileon. After 10 years at Coca-Cola and an expert in the automotive and retail sectors at Consileon since 2018, we venture a look into the future of car dealerships.

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“Corona has made the situation worse, but the problems existed before”. With this statement, Pia makes it clear to us that there have been changes in retail not just since this year. Stationary retail in particular is facing the challenge of defining a new place in the value creation process. There is great pressure to develop new, sustainable business models that do not see the digital transformation as an end in itself, but always aim to increase profitability and profitability.

Why should customers continue to go to car dealerships in the future? How can the customer experience evolve thanks to digitization and what role do sales staff and showrooms play in this? How can a future-proof customer experience management system be established? In our conversation, Pia Weckendorf shares her experiences from various projects.

For more on the Connected Digital Showroom, visit: https://www.connected-showroom.com/

Wenn Sie mehr über Pia Weckendorf erfahren wollen, vernetzen Sie sich gerne auf Xing oder LinkedIn mit ihr:


OEMs as software developers?

For our first episode, we spoke with Dirk Dempewolf. He is a member of the Executive Board and Head of Automotive at the management and IT consultancy Consileon. In our conversation, we took a look at the topic of “CarOS” and tackled the question of what role OEMs play in the development of vehicle operating systems.

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Now that Tesla has a huge head start in electromobility combined with the production of hardware and software from a single source, German automakers are trying to catch up. In the future, software will be at least as much a key feature of an automobile as gaps, acceleration and driving safety used to be. Digitization in and around the automobile is unstoppable and will be the competitive differentiating feature of a vehicle in the future.

Currently, Volkswagen, Daimler and BMW are each developing their own independent operating system. We talk to Dirk Dempewolf about the opportunities for automakers and what to watch out for on these new paths.

If you want to learn more about Dirk Dempewolf, feel free to follow him on Xing or LinkedIn.

Listen to our podcast here: (only available in German)

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