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The financial world is currently facing major challenges. Legal requirements, high regulatory demands, the impact of Corona – the situation demands new ways and ways of thinking. This much is certain: banking is becoming increasingly digital.
What opportunities does digitization present for the industry? How can financial companies use the topic of sustainability to better position themselves? How can customers’ needs for security, transparency and flexibility be satisfied with new technologies?

Private Banking 2025

Private Banking 2025 – Strengthen strengths!

The study “Private Banking 2025 – Strengthen your strengths!” provides decision-makers at the savings banks with concrete and relevant ideas for expanding their market position.

Finanzsektor, Banking

DORA: Strengthening the IT resilience of the financial sector

DORA contains regulations on the security of information systems and networks used by financial institutions to conduct their core business. Compliance with these regulations is intended to ensure the continuity of the financial business in every situation.


Chatbots in the financial sector: More than digital advice

AI-based chatbots are revolutionising the financial sector with fast, personalised customer interactions and automated advice. They provide valuable data and relieve the burden on staff. Consileon offers a flexible chatbot solution, MyPersonalGPT, for financial service providers.

Titelbild der Studie zu SME

2025 Future SME-Banking – Welcome to the New Normal

Our study “2025 Future SME Banking – Welcome to the New Normal” uses an SME banking transformation compass to help banks and savings banks in the business customer segment become profitable and resilient. The compass takes an integrative look at implementation based on key success factors and focuses on the bank’s ability to transform.

Sparschwein aus Glas, das symbolisch für nachhaltige Finanzanlegen steht. Grüner Busch in Euro Form wächst im Schwein

Sustainability? Yes! But only the right way!

Sustainability remains a key issue for the financial industry – due to complex regulations and upcoming regulatory reviews, the implementation of the sustainability strategy is becoming increasingly essential for banks and asset managers.

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