Our team of tacklers and forward thinkers

Do you want the decisive difference? We make it as big as possible: With a whole team of strategists, IT developers, industry specialists, forward thinkers, and implementers, we tackle your challenge.
As a team, we can offer you holistic consulting that starts with the strategy and only ends with the successful implementation of the desired change. Our ability to think and work as a team achieves the greatest advantage for our clients. That is why a high level of social competence, cultural openness, and a trusting, responsible working relationship are among the most important characteristics of our consultants.

We are particularly proud of the praise that one of our clients dropped in an aside:

“You are not only good professionally and methodically. In addition, you are also simply human.”

Thank you!
To ensure that your consultation also starts immediately from person to person, we introduce some of our consultants here as personally as possible.

Miljenko Jazvac – Expert in the automotive sector

The correct way of dealing with people ensures sustainable success

Miljenko Jazvac is an industrial clerk, a graduate in business informatics, and an expert in project, product, and process management in the automotive sector. He has been with Consileon for years because the consulting firm "is big enough to have an expert on every topic. At the same time, Consileon is small enough that long decision-making paths and unnecessary processes are eliminated," says Jazvac. About his daily work, he says, "We don't duck away, but take everything off the customer's hands that makes his job easier." His philosophy is humanity: "In the end, you always reap what you sow. This is just as true in project work as it is in dealing with other people. In that context, many are quick to forget that how they deal with other people when conflicts arise is a crucial factor for sustainable success. We never forget that."

Portrait von Miljenko Jazvac
Ralf Bocken – Senior Partner and specialist in financial services

Creating free space at the customer to design something new

Ralf Bocken worked for 15 years in major German and international banks in various management positions before joining Consileon. What Ralf appreciates most about his work at Consileon is the autonomous way of working – the freedom to create something new for your customers yourself.

Portrait von Ralf Bocken
Karsten Junge – Expert for sales strategy and asset management

Diversification – a key to success

"I sell "networks" that produce solutions," Karsten himself says about his job. Karsten Junge grew up in six different countries. Before joining Consileon in 2012, Karsten Junge spent 15 years at Dresdner Bank and several years at Commerzbank, including as head of the strategy department in the private customer business. Karsten Junge has been with Consileon for seven years because here he has the entrepreneurial freedom "to solve real problems every day".

Portrait von Karsten Junge
Stefania Andriolo – Consultant in the Capital Markets Team

The human being is always the center of attention here

Stefania chose Consileon because the consultancy reflects her values and work ethic: Honesty, authenticity, transparency, social responsibility. "People are the focus, not just profit. Hard, diligent work and kindness to people always pay off," is the conviction that drives Stefania every day.

Portrait von Stefania Andriolo
Werner Spanier – Expert for Asset Management, Corporate Banking and regulatory affairs

We change real processes at the customer every day and thus create improvement

What Spanier particularly appreciates about his work is that he can make a difference every day in the interests of the customer, implement real things, and thus actually change things. Spanier is just as proud of the team cohesion and the high quality of the work at Consileon as he is of the entrepreneurial approach to consulting. Spanier still has one big wish, however: He would like to cross the Alps on foot with his family one day.

Portrait von Werner Spanier
Micha Sigloch – Capital markets expert and member of the Executive Board.

Good cooperation between client and consultant and the will to find a solution ensure a successful project

Micha Sigloch appreciates in his customers that they have the will to always find a solution. "From my point of view, there are only two virtues in life: humility before the bigger picture that none of us understands and the humility to leave our children a beautiful and good world," says Micha Sigloch, who has four children of his own.

Portrait von Micha Sigloch

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