Take responsibility

Ein diverses Team übernimmt zusammen mit der Geschäftsleitung Verantwortung für nachhaltiges Wirtschaften.

The economy is part of society. It contributes to prosperity, but to do so it is dependent on the legal system, education, technical infrastructure, and other inputs borne by the general public. Aware of this give-and-take, we face up to our social responsibility.

Corporate responsibility applies not only to our actions in the marketplace but also to our conduct toward employees, the environment, and the community. The legislator alone can’t regulate the interaction between natural and legal persons. Nor would this be desirable. Authorities, companies, and citizens thus have the opportunity to interact ethically and correctly out of mutual interest.

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Prudent service provider and employer

We have summarized how we perceive our responsibility to clients in the guiding principles of our work culture. We make our clients’ concerns our own, point out risks, and stand up for the jointly developed solution to work in everyday operations.

Since its inception, Consileon has created a significant number of well-paid jobs year after year. We offer our staff a humane working environment, encourage their professional development, and ensure a good work-life balance. With fairly remunerated internships, we participate in the training of tomorrow’s specialists and managers.

In addition, we ensure that a significant number of students are given jobs at our headquarters and subsidiaries every year. In addition to the monetary side, the respective specialist departments prepare them for later working life and ensure that they are assigned meaningful activities that also develop and educate them personally.

Social commitment

It is particularly evident in the Corona crisis: socially weak people suffer the most from the effects. Jobs are massively endangered or lost. Those who suffer most are those who are least able to defend themselves: Children. Especially in times of the pandemic, we also don’t want to forget that conflicts continue, causes of flight are intensified and there are people all over the world whose situation will be considerably aggravated by the outbreak of the disease.

Sustainability is the trending topic of the decade. But here, too, many companies, out of sheer economic necessity, no longer see themselves in a position to pursue their goals in the same way as before 2020. Although there have been and still are positive effects on the environment and climate as a result of global lockdowns, their protection has taken a back seat against the backdrop of the pandemic.

We can’t help everyone or take on every issue, but we try to support a coherent mix of local, national, and international projects that support children and their education, refugees but also climate and environmental protection. Below you will find the most important initiatives that we currently support – often with substantial amounts.

We support the following initiatives

Essenskiste von der Tafel - Austeilen von Essen an Bedürftige

“Fewer and fewer goods, more and more people in need.”

Many people can no longer afford the high prices for food, fuel and energy and depend on help from one of the 960 food banks in Germany. Consileon supports the Karlsruher Tafel e. V. – and wants to contribute to talking more about poverty in our society…

Unterstützung der Kinder & Jugend ARCHE Karlsruhe e.V. durch Consileon IT- und Managementberatung

“For many children, ARCHE is a home.”

In Germany, 1.1 million children and young people grow up in difficult conditions. Consileon supports ARCHE Karlsruhe e. V., which has set itself the task of offering these children a chance. In an interview, we gain insights into the ARCHE’s everyday life and its challenges.

Altersarmut: Consileon Business Consultancy unterstützt Lichtblick Seniorenhilfe e.V..

“So that the fridge doesn’t remain empty at Christmas…”

A lifetime of work – and yet the pension is not enough. This is the fate of three million people in Germany. Consileon supports the LichtBlick Seniorenhilfe e. V. association, which works to combat poverty among the elderly. An interview with LichtBlick founder Lydia Staltner.

helfenhelfen Logo

Bernd Reisig Foundation

The foundation supports people in need & projects, including the “Christmas Goose Dinner for the Homeless” in the Ratskeller of Frankfurt’s Römer or the traditional Easter brunch in the Hausmann family marquee at the Dippemess.


atmosfair GmbH is a non-profit climate protection organisation with a focus on travel. The organisation actively protects the climate, among other things by offsetting greenhouse gases through renewable energies.


Aktionkinderschutz e.V. is a registered non-profit association that promotes preventive teaching at primary schools due to increasing cases of child abuse.

A heart for bees

For Consileon, sustainability is an important aspect of modern business life. To underline our commitment to the environment, we support the Bee Pasture project.

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