Consileon as employer

Consileon may be smaller than the companies that come to mind when you think of management consultancies, but we prove our competence time and time again when Lünendonk, brand eins, or the Handelsblatt award us for our outstanding performance. We manage to do this time and again because our owner and managing director has been consistently looking for the best university graduates for 20 years and offers them all the development opportunities that help young people progress. Just as he himself experienced after his studies at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

Today, more than 460 employees work in the Consileon Group at various locations for a wide range of customers. Together, the team has been able to generate 66 million euros, which creates a stable basis for coping with the vagaries of the market.

Consileon als Arbeitgeber

Why is Consileon a special employer?

Consileans create real value

Our customers don’t get clever sayings or long checklists from us. We go into the plants and implement our customers’ ideas and projects – right down to the last handshake.

If you want to implement your ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Supervisors and colleagues encourage our employees to think independently and thus advance the entire company. That’s why we have a flat hierarchy and rely on dialog – not pressure.

Our organization is as dynamic as our projects. Nothing is set in stone – and there’s plenty of scopes to contribute your ideas. Because we rely on our employees to think for themselves, we get by with few rules.

Learn something new every day at Consileon

You want to develop your professional skills. Then you’ve come to the right place. You want to lead a team or even take responsibility for an account. Then you have come to the right place. It all depends on your preferences and wishes.

A university degree lays the foundation, but it can’t equip you with everything you need for everyday life. That’s why we consistently focus on the further training of our employees: with internal training courses as well as with a budget for personal development.

Since we are not tied to a single industry or specific software product, you will gain insight into a wide range of topics, problems, and methods. You will only learn part of what it takes to be a consultant at university. We systematically train our employees so that they learn everything that is needed as a consultant and are up to date.

Your start into the daily project routine

Experienced consultants accompany your start at Consileon so that you can quickly familiarize yourself with your first customer project. Of course, this also applies in the further course of a project change. For us, it is a matter of course to support each other and so the managers, project managers and colleagues are happy to step into the breach.

On our projects, we use younger colleagues together with experienced consultants whenever possible. The line to the superior and the access to the knowledge of the company is thus conceivably short.


It is still true that the place of work depends on your customer. During the Corona crisis, as in many companies, this has changed quite dynamically and at the moment the majority of our colleagues are working from their home offices. However, we expect that this will change again, at least in part, so we cannot guarantee home offices. But we try to accommodate your preferences whenever possible.

We do not expect you to change your place of residence. If an on-site assignment is necessary, then we will arrange for you to stay in a hotel or project apartment so that you can remain in your familiar surroundings outside of the project assignment.

One thing you won’t find at Consileon is status symbols. We don’t fly business class. Consileans can be found on second-class trains on a sustained basis. We also forgo expensive business cars or prestigious offices in city centers. This binds us together and supports our pragmatic approach – and helps us emerge stronger from crises.

If you’ve read up on the consulting industry or are already part of it, then you know that consultants predominantly provide their services at the client’s location. And that’s not different with us. You work on weekdays in your team somewhere in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland on the current project. The classic jour fixe (usually Friday) at the branch office does not exist for us. Therefore we don’t care where you live – whether it is Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich, or Buxtehude. If you don’t need to be with the customer, you can work at home. Regular company events provide an opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues who are deployed in other locations.


If you decide to become a consultant, then you are aware that you are not filling a nine-to-five job. Nor do we usually have free Fridays, which promise to make consultations. But we also don’t expect you to then complete your five-workday workload in four days. And your supervisors make sure that unhealthy peaks remain the exception because we understood a long time ago that only those who can regenerate properly can also return to top performance in their projects.

What does Consileon have to offer you?

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Free choice of residence

Within Germany

Healthcare, Icon

Technical or management career

We always consider the decision between management and specialist careers to be provisional. Depending on their interests and personal situation, Consileans can switch back and forth between the two career options.

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Familial company

Project work in interdisciplinary teams that complement each other with their know-how. We are always fair and collegial and live in flat hierarchies with short paths.

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Further training

After induction, Consileans have five working days each year and a fixed budget for external training or certification. You define the specific need together with your manager.

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Balanced working hours

Not a nine-to-five job, but not 60 hours either. Individual working time models are possible.

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Agile Teams

The opportunity to contribute to various agile teams: internal processes, Sales, AI, Software Development, Industries, HR Recruiting or current topics depending on your interests.

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Steady growth

Company 100% owned by management. This means no pressure to grow and no technical compromises.

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No up or out

We don't think much of this policy because it means the company loses knowledge and wastes talent. In addition, an excellent specialist may become a mediocre manager. Consileans should feel at home in the company and their position – only then will they perform well.

A team – not only at work

IT- und Managementberatung Consileon hilft Flutopfern im Ahrtal und in Bochum-Dahlheim. Das Bild zeigt das überschwemmte Ahrtal

Help for flood victims

Management and IT consulting donates to flood victims in the Ahr Valley and Bochum-Dahlhausen to support reconstruction efforts.

Sustainability in the financial industry

Our study “Sustainability in the Financial Industry – A Stocktaking”, which presents the current state of the financial industry, will be published shortly.

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