What do IT people, Consultants, HR people and Interns have in common?

The mix of versatile and interested people is what makes us successful. In this section, consultants describe their careers and reveal how they see Consileon as an employer. Varied activities in agile projects with personal development – become a Consilean!


“Consileans enjoy project work and their after-work hours.”

Christina Klingenmayer

Senior Consultant

My heart is in Karlsruhe, but my project joy is in Lower Saxony: Since spring 2019, I have been working as a Senior Consultant and Project Manager in the automotive sector. The first year I enjoyed the benefits of “being on the road” as a commuter, and currently, I manage my projects from the home office.

Portrait von Christina Klingenmayer

“For me, Consileon is like a family.”

Thomas Harer


“I’ve been with Consileon since 2010 – as a leader, project manager, product owner and experienced advisor for professional software solutions. After all, family means sharing success and fun, worries and hardships. That’s exactly how it feels for me at Consileon. There is neither competition nor elbowing here, but always an appreciative exchange at eye level.”

Portrait von Thorsten Jäger