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What is “BlueDolphin” all about?

Wolfram Müller, the co-founder of BlueDolphin talks about its community tied around self-organization, agile transformations and bottleneck management.

Megger – Error location systems

Megger Germany implements Critical Chain with Consileon. In our article you will learn everything you need to know about CCPM.

Where is the bottleneck?

If a company’s output is not right or processes simply take too long, it is usually due to a bottleneck.

Warning against cyber attacks on media

Consileon’s head of cyber security, Jan Oetting, suspects that one pillar of critical infrastructure in particular is at risk: communications and media. He explains here why we should protect this area particularly well against hacker attacks.

“Russia has the world’s best hackers.”

Jan Oetting is considered a SWIFT expert and has already spoken recently about the consequences of Russia’s possible exclusion from the global financial communication system SWIFT. This interview looks at the dangers of Russian cyber attacks.

What would be the consequences of Russia’s exclusion from SWIFT?

In order to avert a military conflict between Ukraine and Russia, there is a threat to exclude Russia from the global financial communication system SWIFT. The U.S. is in the process of introducing legislation on specific financial sanctions. But why does the U.S. have such a hold on SWIFT in the first place? How hard would this sanction actually hit Russia? And what would it mean for Europe?

Evolution of intranet portals

Originating as a digital version of the bulletin board, employee or intranet portals today offer centralized, protected, uniformly designed access to internal company information and IT applications.

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