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Bottleneck optimization based on the Theory of Constraints

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How the Theory of Constraints works

“Every organization has exactly one bottleneck that determines the performance of the whole.”

The key to the optimum is to focus consistently on the bottleneck.
See: The Goal. Excellence In Manufacturing by E. Goldratt.


Optimization at the actual bottleneck produces a large, positive effect.
Optimization at a point other than the actual bottleneck actually does harm.

If you suspect multiple or changing bottlenecks – then you are giving away massive capacity!

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Your benefit from bottleneck management

Higher agility and optimization by a factor of 2+X possible with Consileon’s A2X framework.


Increasing the relative contribution margin of the portfolio

The relative contribution margin of a project corresponds to DB 1 per commitment day. This is a new dimension of strategic prioritization.
The most interesting projects promise a high contribution margin with minimal consumption in the organization’s bottleneck.

Result: All protect the bottleneck and thus the optimal contribution margin per time.


More capacity in the bottleneck

No negative multitasking in the bottleneck and capacity adjustment!
“One Piece Flow” employees focus only on one work package at a time. Only as many projects are active as fit through the bottleneck – hidden capacities are freed up and can support the bottleneck if possible.

Result: Negative multitasking is eliminated – 10 to 30% more capacity support from underloaded teams – 20 to 40% more capacity; capacity in the bottleneck = more revenue at the same cost.


Faster projects – faster and greater ROI.

Away from target/actual control to lead time control – focus and priority on speed!
Away from plan compliance to fast and high-quality delivery. Every project has a buffer, buffer consumption drives operational priority. Everyone protects the buffer and thus achieves optimization of the project lead time.

Result: Fast projects – less effort – faster and higher ROI and another 20% and more capacity.

Our expert for bottleneck management

Portrait vom Wolfram Müller

“Every organization has exactly one bottleneck that determines the performance of the whole.”

Wolfram Müller 



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Do you have all bottlenecks in your company under control?

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