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The world is becoming increasingly complex and dynamic – organizations that think in terms of structures and roles can no longer keep up.

“Modern future-capable organizations control exclusively via the flow in the value stream networks and subordinate all others to it.”

Everything you have achieved and built up so far remains – only three elements are added:

  1. The bottleneck in your organization is deliberately placed and managed – all initiatives are launched in the same way that the bottleneck can always work optimally.
  2. All initiatives make progress and buffer consumption transparent – everything is focused on supporting the critical initiatives with resources and ideas – full cooperation.
  3. There is only one goal left, to eliminate the “buffer consumers”.


A self-organizing, agile, fluid high-performance organization is created in the shortest possible time and without effort.

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Our approach to bottleneck management

A high-performance organization is not created overnight – every step needs to be well thought out. That’s why we proceed cautiously to prepare the change perfectly.


A lightweight online analysis, an operational walk-through and three to four interviews. That’s enough to see the potential and outline an initial solution idea.


Together with a few key people – knowledge transfer and concretization of the steering target – few days among experts.


Testing (“challenging”) the steering target by middle management – not only protagonists, but also preferably with skeptics. Building the master plan and generating buy-in from middle management.


Closing ranks with top management – middle management wants change.

The rest is change support – where we act like a coach in top-class sports. You perform – we support with tips and help to stay on course in difficult situations.

High performance organization simply explained

A guide for companies

Where is the bottleneck?

If the output of a company does not meet expectations or projects/processes simply take too long, it is usually due to a bottleneck. In order to relieve and resolve it, you must know where it is in the first place. This small checklist helps to find the bottleneck.

Why is it worthwhile for managing directors to deal with this topic?

6 ideas how your company can benefit from bottleneck management

You have the feeling that your company should actually have significantly more output? The time-to-market is far too long? Your products keep having quality problems? Sounds like there's sand in the gears somewhere. Sounds like a bottleneck.

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