Make the most of your existing data, documents and extensive expertise. Use your own chatbot based on ChatGPT 4.0 for your field and company. Typical uses include support, training your employees, marketing communication, texting and much more.

Integrate this powerful tool seamlessly into your business processes and benefit from a significant increase in productivity, improved collaboration and higher customer satisfaction.

Standard solutions are suboptimal for companies

There are many advantages of using a voice-based interface for information retrieval. By simply describing what you are looking for, you can get either detailed answers or already summarised information that is relevant for further communication.

But public bots like ChatGPT also have serious disadvantages. ChatGPT often fails to answer specific or technical questions. The results are often pure fantasy without being obvious at first glance. The relevant sources are missing for further research or verification of the information. Moreover, these systems (hopefully) cannot access company internals. Public sources cannot guarantee that the answers received are true and thus usable.

With MyPersonalGPT you get:

  • completely reliable information
  • extracted from your own knowledge
  • which you can use without hesitation
  • based on a voice-controlled database
  • deposited with all sources relevant to the answer


BlueDolphin is an international community dedicated to building hyperproductive organisations. It draws on the Theory of Constraints by E. Goldratt and concepts of self-organisation by H. Haken and G. Schiepek.

Over the past 10 years, BlueDolphin has amassed an extensive knowledge collection of over 400 files with a total size of about 70 GB. Due to this amount of information, it is almost impossible for newcomers to find relevant content. To solve this problem, the BlueDolphin team identified over 100 selected files in just two hours and uploaded them to a customised instance of MyPersonalGPT. This customised solution is called BlueDolphinGPT. BlueDolphinGPT is designed to facilitate access to relevant information and increase efficiency in the organisation. It enables members to effectively access existing knowledge using advanced AI technology.

Make your own impression of DolphinGPT.AI.

BlueDolphin focuses on helping companies become hyper-productive – but not on programming software. Therefore, BlueDolphinGPT is based on the MyPersonalGPT software stack from Consileon.

For detailed information, please contact Dirk Siegel.