The Consileon promise

In a video interview with, Harald Kohlberger, Managing Director of Consileon Austria, talks about Consileon’s innovative approach to shaping a positive future.

Consileon Austria’s approach to positive change

In a time of profound change, Consileon goes beyond pure IT services. Consileon supports companies in mastering current challenges and utilising future opportunities. To this end, we integrate technology holistically into issues of social and economic change in order to open up long-term perspectives and create sustainable models for the future. This holistic approach is reflected in a large number of projects that are currently being realised in Austria.

Specific project examples include:

  • Border protection through AI-based systems with voice and facial image recognition: These innovative solutions improve security and efficiency at borders by using modern technology for identification and surveillance.
  • Evaluation of digital evidence in forensics using AI: Artificial intelligence helps to analyse digital evidence faster and more accurately, which supports and accelerates criminal prosecution.
  • Predicting friction coefficients on roads at the time of driving by using sensor technology and neural networks (grip prediction):This technology makes it possible to predict road conditions in real time, which significantly increases road safety.
  • Automated transcription of audio recordings: This AI-powered solution facilitates the transcription of conversations and meetings, increasing efficiency in many areas.
  • AI-supported review of grant applications: The use of AI speeds up the processing and review of grant applications and increases accuracy.

Consileon works closely with partners such as Lighthouz AI to develop unique expertise in AI quality testing. The focus here is on security, reliability and privacy. This collaboration makes it possible to develop advanced and secure AI solutions that meet the highest standards.

By anticipating future developments and implementing modern technologies, Consileon is deploying tomorrow’s solutions today. We recognise the significant influences of AI on various areas and use these to create innovative and sustainable solutions. Consileon Austria shows how strategic consulting and technological integration can contribute to shaping a positive and future-orientated world.