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Ralph Hientzsch

Managing Partner Consileon Frankfurt and Consileon Switzerland
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Dr. Michael Reich

Head of Financial Services

Achieving success with customer focus, sustainability, and digitization

Sustainability is a key trend for the coming years. As central “real money investors” with a long-term investment horizon, insurers are predestined for a key role in the sustainable renewal of Europe. This makes life insurers important anchors and stabilizers of the financial system. The investments of primary insurers amount to approx. 1.5 trio. EUR. According to an analysis by Consileon and global studies, institutional investors such as insurers, pension funds, and sovereign wealth funds want to more than double the share of their assets managed sustainably from the current 18 percent to 37 percent by 2025.

At the same time, German life insurers are having to significantly reduce their guarantees due to low-interest rates. The industry faces the difficult task of explaining lower-guarantee products and communicating them as an opportunity.

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Furthermore, cost pressure is steadily increasing, and with it the need for efficient end-to-end optimization of insurers’ business processes. Against the background of these developments, Consileon helps insurers evaluate the following questions and find the answers in joint projects:

  • How can a sustainability strategy be developed and consistently implemented through capital investment at insurers?
  • What does customer delight mean with tangible, digital customer interaction and interlocked Omni-Channel Management?
  • How does the concrete, digital activation of customers succeed?
  • Can insurers learn end-to-end process optimization with Agile Management?
  • How does Bank Assurance 3.0 look like?
  • What is the revenue growth potential of Data Management and Artificial Intelligence?
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From strategy to implementation

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Life insurance: High time to act

Article from Versicherungswirtschaft 11/2020 on:

– Digital customer approach
– Approaches to concrete revenue enhancement
– Migration strategy
– Change management and skills transfer

Frau mit Laptop im Home office

Closer to the customer

Artikel in der Versicherungswirtschaft 07/2020 zu:

– Digitale Kundeninteraktion im Corona-Praxistest
– Omni-Channel-Vernetzung im Vertrieb
– Digitale Aktivierung
– Data Analytics und KI

Our difference makes the difference for you:

Notizen mit der Schrift: Erfolgreich Anders

As strategists and IT developers, we have successfully implemented digitization in many other industries. You may benefit from our many years of experience in the Planning, Application and Implementation of new IT, including the cultural change that goes hand in hand with it. We accompany your project to completion and ensure the strategically consistent implementation of your project.
Just as we work, so are our contracts: agile. During the course of the project, you can decide whether you need further consulting – without rigid framework contracts.

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