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If you use an AI system, the EU AI Regulation requires you to ensure that its quality and safety are tested and documented. With Lighthouz AI, we automate most of the manual work and deliver quality and safety reports customised to your AI system.

Lighthouz AI is a comprehensive quality assurance system for AI applications, including chatbots and agents. Based on scientific methods and metrics, the system checks the output of artificial intelligence according to four criteria:



How does the AI perform in longer dialogues (multi-turn conversation) with humans? Does it remember the user’s questions and reactions as well as its own answers? Does it react contextually correctly when the dialogue partner refers back to a previous question or answer?



Does the AI adhere to programmed rules? Does it have a tendency to hallucinate, i.e. to make factually incorrect or nonsensical statements? Does it give ethically questionable or “toxic” answers?


Safety and security

Is the AI susceptible to so-called prompt injection? This includes inputs that elicit functions or (meta) information from the system that are not intended for the public. Or for jailbreaking – the unauthorised activation of administrator rights?



Are AI operators protected from data leaks?

As a plug-and-play solution, Lighthouz AI is compatible with all common AI frameworks and cloud services and can be up and running in minutes. The customised reports make your AI system more secure and help you to comply with the provisions of the EU AI Act. Make your AI system fit for the future!


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Download the whitepaper now!

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