The introduction of scaled agility is a lengthy change process with quite a few pitfalls and stumbling blocks.

At Consileon , we have been able to build up both the methodological competence and practical experience and expertise in this area over the years with various customers. As IT experts, we do not try to introduce agility for agility’s sake, but decide on a situational basis where agility is beneficial and where it is not.

We look at the task with a holistic and systemic view. We not only develop the strategy for introducing scaled agility, but also accompany the client during the corresponding implementation and adapt the change design according to the situation. In doing so, our consultants encourage their employees’ will to shape and change, but also address their concerns and worries.

Openness and transparency are the foundations of our consulting activities in order to make complex transformation projects understandable and comprehensible. In this way, we create broad acceptance and identification with the change process in your company through the active participation of your workforce.