Change Management

Actively shaping change – and living it together

CHange Management: Mann zieht Anzug um ein rotes T-shirt zu zeigen

The holistic view counts: A variety of transformation drivers lead to changes that must not only be implemented and designed in the process organizations, but for which, above all, the employees must be successfully brought along. During significant changes, people go through different phases of an emotional process. That is why their targeted support and motivation are particularly important success factors for us: The will to shape and change must be encouraged, and sometimes worries or fears must also be allayed.

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Our consultants accompany your employees as well as group dynamic change processes from the very beginning and adapt the change design we have developed according to the situation.

Openness to change: Communication plays an elementary role for us to create transparency, to dissolve any resistance, to drive processes and integration. We make complex and dynamic transformation projects comprehensible and transparent. Through active participation, we ensure broad acceptance and joint identification.

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Change as a permanent process: Our mindset


What does change have to do with us as a consulting firm? A lot – or rather everything! Because only those who remain open to new things, constantly question themselves as consultants, and reflect on their actions can drive change and initiate creative solutions.


Our systemic approach helps us to perceive and shape dynamic processes. We create space for trust, for participation and provide orientation for alternative solution options. Our view is always appreciative and solution-oriented.


Learning never stops for us and shapes our corporate culture: For Consileon, the focus is not only on individual learning, but on learning from each other. Through reflection work, we become more aware of our own abilities and can use them in a more goal-oriented way.


We train our consultants both internally and externally. We are not primarily concerned with obtaining certificates and degrees. The focus is rather on the concrete application and living of an agile and systemic way of thinking and acting. We see this as a clear added value for our customers.

Trust in our experience

Menschen bringen Zahnenräder zur Bewegung

„It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survive. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.“

Charles Darwin


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