Change Management

So that innovations can succeed

CHange Management: Mann zieht Anzug um ein rotes T-shirt zu zeigen

Restructuring? New processes? New product?
Successfully shaping transformations with change management

A new business field, the reform of operational structures and processes, a new product, a change in the legal situation, the climate: change is not only a constant in business, rather its pace seems to be accelerating. But people work in companies who want continuity, security, an overview. Constant or overly rapid change unsettles them, creates cognitive dissonance and strong feelings. In extreme cases, pressure to adapt or fear of loss lead to inner resistance to “no-alternative” innovations. Projects can fail as a result. Change management takes employees’ concerns about technical or organizational upheaval seriously, and people with them.

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We help companies to master change

Our consultants accompany your employees through the technical and operational transformation, identify and moderate group dynamics. We analyze the initial situation, specify the target state and develop a change plan (change design), which we readjust iteratively during the course of the project.

Transparency creates trust. Trust ensures cooperation. Because transparency is essential for the success of reform projects, communication is the core discipline of change management. We make complex technical and organizational innovations comprehensible. By actively involving the staff, we promote acceptance of the project and identification with its goals.

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Nothing is more constant than change


Our consultants are experts in change. Companies call us when they need to adapt structures, processes or products to new requirements. We can only do this because our profession constantly trains us to remain open to new things, to adopt an agile approach and to reflect on our actions.


We are adept at analyzing the drivers, extent and consequences of change holistically and shaping them in the client’s best interests. We take your employees’ concerns seriously, engage them, build trust, and point out alternatives.


You never stop learning – for us, this is not a shortcoming, but an incentive and a path to top performance. Our consultants attend internal and external training courses, keep up to date with the latest scientific developments, and learn from and with each other in day-to-day project work.

Strong? Smart? Agile!

„It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survive. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.“

Charles Darwin



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(*only available in german)

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Do your employees have a hard time with operational or technical innovations?

Change management makes adaptation easier. We show how it works.

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