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We don’t just talk about agility, change projects, and new leadership models. We also know how to do it. Our concepts are visionary – and always tested in practice.

Agile Methoden

Agile Cherry Picking

Agile cherry picking is the process of selecting those aspects of an agile framework that fits to the organisational structure or personal individual interests and that can be implemented without stepping on anyone’s toes.

Design Thinking

Design thinking is an approach to innovation that solves real problems – with empathy and experimentation. You use it when you want to create innovations but don’t yet know exactly which ones.

Agility – more than just a buzzword?

Can agility per se be seen as the panacea for change processes, or are there projects for which the classic waterfall method is better suited?

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A trip into the agile world

The Scrum process model is becoming increasingly popular. This article introduces the two important roles of the Scrum Master and the Product Owner.


Reach your goal faster with DevOps

Digitization is in full swing. Technological developments have a high market penetration and determine how we communicate and consume. Speed is the new currency and determines whether companies can prevail over the competition in the course of digitization.

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The agile organization

Digitization, ever new customer requirements and a changing market environment not only demand maximum flexibility at high speed from product and IT developers, the entire company must become agile.


Coaching of agile IT projects

Because of its highly complex product development, manufacturing and marketing, the automotive industry has always been crisis-prone. Digitization, electromobility, stricter legal requirements and new competitors, some of whom act as partners and others as competitors, require fast, sometimes unconventional responses. Agile process models are designed precisely for these situations.


Customer focus in agile IT development

In software development, too, the customer should be king. But who exactly is the customer? The board of directors or the division manager who approved the project? That’s how it used to be seen.

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Leading SAFe® Trainings

At Consileon, we have been able to build up both the methodological competence and practical experience and expertise in this area over the years with various customers. As IT experts, we do not try to introduce agility for agility’s sake, but decide on a situational basis where agility is beneficial and where it is not.

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