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Geschäftsführer von Consileon, Joachim Schü und Mitarbeitern

The Consileon Business Consultancy GmbH is a midsized German IT and management consultancy, located in the beautiful city of Karlsruhe, Germany. We are mostly working for clients in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) but are also internationally represented with a total of 15 offices across Europe. We assist our clients in many kinds of digitization initiatives with a clear focus on strategic decision making as well as translating strategies into operative action while providing the needed IT support. What makes us unique is that not only do we elaborate highly tailored concepts for the specific challenge our client is facing but we are also assisting the client with the implementation.

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What drives us

Our mission is to solve significant challenges for our clients as well as for society. Visionary thought and acted in partnership, holistically planned and implemented in an agile manner – this is Consileon.

We carry out this mission by following our four core values:

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Our visionary approach means that we are tackling a challenge with a farsighted point of view. We then offer brave and inspiring solutions and implement them with confidence and a hands-on-mentality.

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In partnership

To clients as well as employees, we are acting in partnership. We are always focused on achieving long-term relations. Therefore, we maintain a frank and respectful communication culture. We are personal and fair to one another.

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We look at issues holistically. Our complementary teams of capable generalists and skilled IT-specialists draw a big picture of the whole framework to take all variables into consideration. Interdisciplinarity as well as out-of-the-box-thinking are our key characteristics. Hereby, we can offer sustainable solutions that are really user-centric.

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Our daily work is the epitome of agile. Therefore, while staying focused on the target, we can adapt swiftly if requirements change. We concentrate on delivering high quality results as fast as possible. By constantly questioning, how we could become even better, we find ourselves in a continued loop of self-improvement.

Consileon in numbers

2001 Founded, starting with seven Consultants
450 Employees
15 Locations in several European countries
287 Clients from various industries, including the automotive, financial services and retail sectors

Why it is a good idea working together with Consileon...

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Almost-family-like corporate culture: We have very flat hierarchies. At Consileon, there is no space for elbow mentality – we are supportive and help each other wherever needed. Together with your mentor, you will define your very own career goals, the path to achieve them and how we can assist in your personal development.

Human-centric: We take care of you. There is no up-or-out: Employees are free to choose to stay on a certain position if it fits their personal preferences. You may choose to opt for a project management-focused or a specialist career path to fit to your individual skills. However, a choice is never final – employees are free to change between paths if they wish to. For any individual issue, we can find an individual solution.

Very flexible working conditions: If not specified in a different way by the client, one day per week is reserved for home-office. You are equipped with modern and mobile devices to meet your requirements of flexible working everywhere. You can choose your domicile wherever you want in Germany: Expenses for work-related travel get refunded from the first step out of your domicile’s door.

Responsibility and freedom: You will take over responsibility very early on and grow by a steep learning curve. Since we are an agile company in a rapidly changing industry, you can actively contribute to shaping our future together with us. By following common sense, you are already following most of our company’s rules. This empowers you to contribute your own ideas and pursue them.

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Why it is a good idea working together with Consileon...

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Single-sourced quality: From conception to implementation – we deliver quality across the whole task range of a project. We accompany you from setup to finalization and take care of support and operations of the solution we have implemented together. As we are anticipating trends, we guide you to sustainable solutions instead of jumping on short-term hypes.

Partnership: Your success is our success. You can always count on us acting in your best sense, even if it means raising inconvenient truths in times of challenging project circumstances. We are acting as partners and communicate at eye level. Since our company is completely owned by its partners, there are no external interests which could influence our business’ decisions.

Highly qualified personnel: Our employees have studied at top universities and are characterized by an entrepreneurial mindset. This ensures that our effort is always focused on efficiency and effectiveness. Interdisciplinarity as well as complementary skills are our core success factors for delivering the best possible solutions.

Knowledge and experience: Due to our yearlong experience across several sectors and project scopes – may it be because of geographical scope or company size – we have a thorough understanding of your needs. In addition to that, our human-centric approach results in employee retention rates that are far higher than the industry average. This way, knowledge stays within the company for future projects.

Miljenko Jazvac – Automotive expert

“Acting in partnership results in long-term success”

In my opinion, what sets Consileon apart is the high degree of freedom that employees are given. Early assumption of responsibility and hardly noticeable hierarchies ensure steep learning curves. Consileon is large enough to have an expert on every topic and at the same time small enough to keep processes lean. Consileans also have many opportunities to become entrepreneurial themselves. This also benefits our customers, who are accompanied by motivated and creative consultants.

Portrait von Miljenko Jazvac
Stefania Andriolo – Consultant for capital markets

"Human interactions are at the heart of Consileon"

At Consileon, people are the focus, not just business success. Honesty, authenticity, transparency, and social responsibility are core values that I see reflected not only in the teamwork with my colleagues but also in the relationship with customers. Our familiar working atmosphere ensures flat hierarchies, effective communication, and fun to work together. Our solution-oriented mentality helps to build trusting and long-lasting relationships with customers.

Portrait von Stefania Andriolo
Dr. Andreas Alin – Head of AI-Team

"It's fun to solve problems every day"

As an IT expert, I am always impressed by the way Consileon approaches in solving problems. Based on scientific methods, problems are analyzed across the board and then the perfect solution is worked out. A very high understanding of quality results in solutions that are often ahead of their time. It is really fun to meet challenges and make a difference with Consileon every day.

Portrait von Andreas Alin

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