Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that can automate repetitive, manual tasks. For example, RPA bots can fill out forms, send emails or copy data between systems. This makes companies more productive, efficient and reduces costs. RPA bots offer a range of features that simplify the creation and management of automated workflows, including one:

  • Visual development environment that allows users to create automations without programming knowledge.
  • Library of pre-built automations that can be customised for own purposes
  • Orchestration platform to coordinate and manage automated tasks
  • Analytics platform to monitor and optimise the performance of functions

RPA bots are programmes that can interact with the same input and output devices as humans. They can log into applications, enter data, perform calculations and copy data between applications or workflows as needed. RPA bots can also interact with ERP or CRM systems, for example. Many companies see RPA as an opportunity to shift human labour to higher-value tasks that require creativity, decision-making and interpersonal interaction. RPA can be used regardless of industry.