Ranked for the first time in only the second year of the survey

In fall 2019, the first issue of the new brand eins series on digitization was published with the aim of accompanying entrepreneurs and companies on their way to digitization. Even though the term had long been a buzzword at the time, it was still inevitably a foreign word or a closed book for many companies in this country.

Just one year later, the starting situation seems completely different – for companies as well as for society. Due to the Corona crisis, we have become more digital by necessity. We have set up home offices and learned to work predominantly remotely, communicate virtually and without major disruptions, and skillfully use new tools and techniques. All of this is also because most companies have upgraded in terms of digitization and are now much better positioned in terms of hardware, software and cloud services than they were before the crisis.

However, brand eins asks the legitimate question of whether companies have become better, faster and more efficient as a result; in other words, whether the virus can really be understood as a kind of “technology turbo,” as consultants and observers often claim. brand eins author Thomas Ramge has his doubts and questions above all whether the respective corporate cultures have been able to keep pace with the technological leap. He also does not see all IT service providers as winners in this respect.

In contrast, Statista has now investigated for the second time for brand eins which IT service providers companies in this country are in good hands with. Almost 5,800 experts – including 2,878 experts from the IT service providers themselves and 2,896 customers – took part in the survey and selected a total of 230 companies as the best IT service providers in Germany.

We are delighted to have found our place among Germany’s best IT service providers in only the second year of the survey. This is all the more gratifying because the survey – as is usual with the rankings by brand eins and Statista – is based roughly half on the recommendations of experts and half on those of customers. Since providers are not allowed to nominate themselves, the award-winning IT service providers must have a good reputation on the market and at the same time enjoy a high level of customer trust.