Extend the shelf life of your IT

Regular IT quality checks prevent data, time and budget losses

Consileons IT-Spezialisten in der Softwareentwicklung beraten auf einem Firmentreffen das Vorgehen bei den nächsten Audits.

Does your system or individual functions fail more frequently? Is data being lost miraculously?

After a quality and efficiency audit with our specialized analysis tools, we can tell you exactly where the problem lies. In our audits, we identify individual weak points and more extensive problems, no matter how well hidden they may be at first glance.

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Our quality and efficiency audits


… automatically identify vulnerabilities.


visualize and observe them over a longer period of time.


continuously monitor your system according to predefined rules.


… provide management with control-relevant information and identify trends.


check the quality of the changes made.

Jörg Schlösser develops solutions for tomorrow today.

Portrait von Jörg Schlösser

Dr. Jörg Schlösser has been a partner and member of the management of Consileon Business Consultancy, based in Karlsruhe, and Consileon Poland, based in Szczecin, since the company was founded.

Dr. Schlösser is our expert for web portals, service-oriented system architectures and IT quality audits. Jörg Schlösser welcomes your questions and is happy to answer them directly.

Dr. Jörg Schlösser, Executive Board

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