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How digital marketing and sales are changing the customer/brand relationship with virtual to mixed reality solutions.

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80 % of customers feel more confident with their purchase decision when they have experienced a product through VR glasses. 60 % perceive a brand as significantly more innovative if the product is presented to them in the showroom with VR glasses as virtual support and experience. (Source:, 13.09.2017)

Virtual reality gives offers a new quality of experience. Customers experience the brand live and interactively, can help shape it, and are involved in the brand and product world instead of just looking at it from the outside.

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The brand becomes an event – with the Connected Digital Showroom

Connected Digital Showroom is the name of the new retail and store format that adds gaming quality to the sales floor and attracts new, young customer groups. Digital touchwalls, digital signage, interactive shop windows and experience tables enable a completely new and connected digital customer journey. This new retail format of the future has already been staged at the Volkswagen City Store in Hamburg, among other places.
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Shaping relationships instead of advertising – with digital target group-specific marketing

Not only the digital showroom, but digital marketing as a whole adds a new quality to the relationship with the consumer. Via mobile, social media and CRM, the brand becomes a constant companion. Instead of classic offer advertising, customers today expect an enter- and infotainment brand that provides them with exciting content, offers them exciting experiences, and brings along an attitude.

By designing and developing an interconnected digital marketing strategy, we help you build your brand into a stringent digital personality and connect with your customer.

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Connected Digital Showroom – what do you need?


The software service platform is the heart of the Connected Digital Showroom. The unit, which can be controlled locally or mobile, connects all devices in the showroom with each other. The content management system (CMS) is fed with multimedia content via system interfaces, played out and automatically supplied with updates.


Virtual reality (VR) makes products emotionally tangible. With VR, the showroom becomes the driver’s seat of the dream car, for example. The features and options of the model and equipment alternatives can be presented realistically and interactively with VR, transporting visitors into an exciting new world.


The multimedia price labeler is the new point of contact for vehicle-specific product and price information. Intuitive to use, the multimedia price labeler allows visitors and customers to call up details of the equipment of the vehicle on display as well as further model and equipment variants directly, or sales consultants can use it to support the sales process and present important features in multimedia form.



The Experience Table offers a memorable information experience with additional entertainment value. All offers, product or service information can be called up on the interactive table with displays and vividly presented on the 360-degree touchscreen.


The interactive display window captivates the viewer from the outside and attracts attention: among other things, brand or product films, changing theme-specific applications or a store locator can be shown on the large touch monitors, arousing curiosity, inviting people to participate and thus drawing passers-by into the store.


Interactive touchwalls in the form of large-area and attention-grabbing touch monitors can also be used multifunctionally. In “passive” mode, when no touch interaction is called up, striking moving image formats or digital posters with local offers can be displayed. In “active” mode, customers can call up the desired information in a targeted manner. From product worlds to a digital accessories store. They combine retailer, brand or product worlds, are flexible and can also be used for specific topics in line with the showroom concept.



With digital signage solutions, individual retailer, brand or product messages can be played out on active as well as passive displays and monitors in a needs-based and customer-specific manner, for example with special offers or local news. This gives the showroom an individual signature and informs visitors and customers with relevant information.

Take advantage of the opportunity that digital marketing offers

Have you already integrated a digitized showroom, innovative digital touch points with the chance of an integrated networked customer journey into your retail concept? We design a holistic digital marketing and POS strategy for you that fits your brand exactly.

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