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Digitale Transaktions- und Wachstumsberatung (1)

You want to invest in a company with a digital business model or product?

Let our experts evaluate the potential of your investment in advance. We are at your side before, during and after the transaction.

Our digital due diligence combines careful analysis of the business strategy with digital and technical knowledge – with the aim of assessing your opportunities and risks.
In the growth phase of your portfolio company, we offer holistic support along the digital value chain. This generates significant revenue and EBITDA growth that increases the value of your portfolio company.

Invest successfully in the future with Consileon!

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Digital transaction and growth consulting (2)

We can help you with the following questions:


Is the target company really interesting for investment?

If you as an investor are interested in a technology-driven company, we can offer you an initial assessment during the search phase. Our team offers in-depth digital knowledge and many years of technology experience. Based on this, we can quickly and objectively give a forecast about the growth potential.


What are the potential opportunities and the foreseeable risks in terms of technology, product-related roadmap, market and organization?

In the transaction phase, we take an intensive look at the target company. The four dimensions of our digital due diligence enable a 360° view and sound assessment.

First, we look at the technology: Is the technical basis sustainable, secure and expandable? We also examine the use of technological trends.

Then we evaluate the product-related road map in terms of feasibility, completeness and cost-effectiveness.

As a third dimension, we look at the digital market. We look at aspects and implications of technological change in the environment of the market players.

And finally, we take a look at the organization: Does the company have the necessary competencies, processes, culture and values to implement the digital roadmap?

Based on our findings, we can give the investor a clear signal as to whether the target’s digital potential and prevailing structures justify the claim – or whether they harbor risks.
We not only analyze, but also provide concrete suggestions for optimization.


Value creation: How can the company’s full growth potential be realized and revenue and EBITDA significantly increased in the future?

The digital due diligence process yields valuable insights that help the company to exploit its prospective growth potential.

Our offer to you: Take advantage of the Consileon Group’s know-how in the expansion and innovative further development of the company. We offer support in digital strategy, conception and implementation through our consultants or interim employees.

The dimensions and your benefits of Digital Due Diligence:

Our expert for Digital Due Diligence

Robert Joost

Our digital due diligence goes beyond IT due diligence in that we do not just assess the current state of the technology. We holistically examine the company’s ability to economically implement a digital initiative.

Robert Joost

Digital Due Diligence Specialist at Consileon

+49 172 4880688

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