Creative, agile and radically user-centric

Design thinking is an agile approach to innovation that is used to develop concepts for new products as well as processes or services. Especially in the global Corona crisis, Design Thinking is more in demand than ever, because you use it exactly when you want to create innovations, but do not yet know exactly which ones. Almost all companies are struggling with such uncertainties at the moment, and those that master the challenges faster and better get through the crisis better. To ensure acceptance and benefit of the developed solution, users of the final product are involved in the development process from the very beginning. Cost efficiency and viable solutions are achieved with this approach by testing the results at an early stage using prototypes and optimizing on the basis of these results.

Design thinking uses an iterative process model whose phases are run through again and again until a validated solution concept is established. With the help of a variety of empathy, creative and prototyping techniques, the focus is always consistently on the needs of the end customer.

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