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Climate protection and sustainability are also important topics in the field of mobility. The classic combustion engine is getting strong competition from new electric cars so that the question “gasoline or diesel?” has been expanded to include the answer “electricity”. The state supports this trend with various subsidies and thus promotes electromobility. Nevertheless, electric cars are currently still considered more expensive than combustion engines, so sustainability is often equated with higher costs. But is that true?

Our e-mobility calculator takes this very point as its starting point and shows that environmental protection no longer has to be a question of money, but that in many cases e-cars are already financially worthwhile after a short time.

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Our e-mobility calculator for your website

Comparison of costs

We have developed the E-Calculator primarily intending to clearly present the costs of electromobility in various vehicle classes with comparable combustion engines. Each of these classes is the average of at least three models. In total, values from almost 50 different vehicles were included in the calculations. It was particularly important to us that users could arrive at a good result with just a few clicks, but could also refine it further. All values, from price to consumption and electricity costs to taxes, can be changed and adjusted by the user. This creates an individual result.

Comparison of emissions

In the second step, we set ourselves the goal of comparing the emissions of internal combustion engines with those of e-cars. These are often referred to as zero-emission vehicles, but if you look at the entire life cycle of the cars, from production to use to recycling, this is not necessarily true. We claim to provide our users with sound information on the emissions generated at all stages. That’s why we’ve done detailed research and considered a variety of sources. As a result, you can see exactly after how many years the carbon footprint of an e-car becomes positive.


You can also offer the e-mobility calculator service to visitors of your website. Together with you, we develop a version completely adapted to your needs and matched to your design. Even after implementation, we support you with updates and ensure that regulatory changes (e.g. new subsidies) are taken into account in the e-calculator.

One of our first partners is the “Automobilclub von Deutschland (AvD)”, which uses our e-calculator to provide its members with concrete answers to the financial and ecological questions surrounding the topic of e-cars.

Automobilclub von Deutschland
Brücke mit Autos bei Nacht

If you are also interested in our e-mobility calculator, please contact us. We will be happy to provide you with an overview and present the various possibilities for cooperation.

Our expert for electromobility

Portrait von Stefan Grabatin

Stefan Grabatin is one of our experts on the topic of electromobility due to his many years of experience in the consulting environment in the areas of automotive, digitalization and new forms of mobility.


Stefan Grabatin

Principal at Consileon
+49 152 22877987

The release notes of the e-mobility calculator at a glance

Bild von einem Code / Datenbank, Code, Release, Programming

Release 1.1.2 – 24.01.2021

  • Visual and content changes
    • Color scheme of all control panels adapted
    • Third party license notes added
    • Latest release notes now part of the footer
  • Visual and content changes
    • Color scheme of all control panels adapted
    • Third party license notes added

Release 1.1.1 – 04.12.2020

  • Visual optimizations
    • Break-Even overview with lines instead of grids
    • Color scheme of emission overview optimized
    • Size of individual elements in emission overview adjusted
    • Improved navigation
  • Corrections and bug fixes
    • Differences in cost calculation adjusted
    • Slider in electricity mix overview works analogous to other sliders
    • Calculations and color assignments for electricity mix optimized

Release 1.1.0 – 24.11.2020

  • Integration of emissions feature
    • Adjustment of introduction text
    • Break-even diagrams: optimized design and break-even for emissions
    • New infobuttons for purchase price of the vehicle
    • Addition of necessary buttons, arrows as well as notes
    • Integration of formulas in calculations, selection of different current types, slider for percentage distribution of current types, dynamic pie chart
  • Other improvements
    • Installation Cookiebot
    • Revision of sources
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