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How high-growth online retailers become more innovative and independent through a holistic solution approach

For most online retailers, payment processing is of secondary importance and is seen more as a necessary evil than a priority.However, innovative and fast-growing companies nowadays regard payment processing not as a standard service but as a business process that is critical to their competitiveness.

However, many online merchants currently still rely on standard solutions from individual payment service providers (PSPs) for complex payment processing. However, as these want to achieve the highest possible profit margin, online merchants are faced with a solution that offers little to no room for customization and cannot be individually adapted to online merchants. In addition, there are risks associated with using a single PSP due to its failure as well as possible vendor lock-in.

Driven by these disadvantages, large online retailers, such as the Otto Group or, have brought payment processing back in-house by establishing their own PSP. However, this approach is very costly and therefore only makes sense for those retailers with annual sales in excess of one billion.

With the so-called payment orchestration (PO), a new concept has emerged in recent years that addresses the urgent need of merchants for independence and innovative solutions. With payment orchestration, you develop a customized solution that consists of technical and functional building blocks. The PO has a number of advantages, which you can find right below.

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Access to many PSP
On the Payment Orchestration Platform (POP), merchants work flexibly with various local and international PSPs, depending on cost or performance.


Better negotiation position
The multitude of alternatives and the convenient comparison of offers force providers to be fair and to innovate quickly.


Merchants can enable, parallel or block payment methods as needed


Rapid market entry
Quick entry into new markets is possible at any time. Hereby, new markets can also be tested without great effort.


Aggregated reporting
Graphically prepared and metrics-based reports across all PSPs make transactions across all payment methods comparable.


Cost-neutral operation
Thanks to better negotiating power and more flexible control, a PO solution is about as cost-effective as using an external PSP.


Individual customizations
If necessary, new functions can be developed quickly.

Our whitepaper describes the individual options in detail and explains the aye4fin framework for payment orchestration.

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Thomas Tittelbach, studied industrial engineering, with a passion for innovative payment transactions

Although a large number of payment transactions are executed for your business every day, building and operating innovative and flexible solutions is complex. Technical, regulatory and product-specific requirements must be taken into account to establish customer-friendly solutions. With a customer and practice-oriented focus, we support our customers in building holistic solutions.

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