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We accompany the far-reaching transformation of business models and processes. We help manufacturers, sales organizations and dealers to identify opportunities, exploit potential and win the race for customers. You can find out about this and much more here in our Consileon Automotive IAA web special.

New Mobility

In car payments – Payment-Orchestration im Connected Car

Connected cars have exceeded a market capitalization of 200 million euros. Almost all manufacturers and suppliers are researching smart concepts or already offer them.

Geschäftsmann hält ein Smartphone mit Dollarzeichen als Symbolbild für In-car-payment

Smart Mobility – We digitize your mobility services

The expansion and networking of existing mobility services for resource-efficient and cost-effective offerings requires a clear digitization strategy.

Verbundene futuristische Fahrzeuge in einer Smart City
Customer Experience

Digital Experience For users and customers, it plays a central role across all digital touchpoints. The brands should be experienced and authentic and inspire and accompany the customer via digital touchpoints.
There is often the idea that digital touchpoints unfold their contribution as if by themselves. The specific added value from the customer’s point of view or process support is neglected, investments wasted, potentials unused and valuable time wasted.
Instead, the opportunity should be seized to provide customers with the personalized and engaging experience across all touchpoints that they expect today.

Customer Experience Journey – Customer enthusiasm  

The traditional model of predefined sales processes has had its day. Today, customers decide for themselves when and how they want to contact the brand.


Customer Journey auf verschiedenen Kacheln dargestellt auf die gerade ein Mensch klickt

2D/3D Mixed Reality – immersive User Experience

The use of immersive technologies opens up numerous opportunities to make online as well as POS activities new and attractive.

VR und Mixed Reality dargestellt an einem Mann, der Designentwürfe mit Hilfe einer VR-Brille macht

Connected Digital Showroom – innovative trading formats 

New digital customer needs require holistic and seamless customer journeys, especially at the point of sale.

How do you design the showroom of tomorrow? You can find out here.

Connected Digital Showroom, Blick von oben auf den Verkaufsraum bzw. dessen Design
new business models

Threat or opportunity? – Technological progress, changing customer needs and expectations. Due to new, disruptive competitors, traditional business models are coming under increasing pressure and need to be reconsidered.
Identifying new sources of revenue and having the courage to comprehensively customer-center sales models and business processes offers opportunities beyond simply safeguarding the status quo.

Financial services – wasted potential in the sales process 

Automotive financial services play a role early in the buying process. Incorrect placement of additional offers, for example shortly before the conclusion of major investments, is wasted potential.


Finanzdienstleistungen im Automobilsektor dargestellt als Verkauf eines Fahrzeugs an eine Kundin

E-commerce – end-to-end portfolio analysis

Most market players are already aware of the importance of e-commerce in retail. In the automotive sector, too, there will soon be no way around online retailing.

eCommerce symbolhaft dargestellt auf verschiedenen Kacheln, die die verschiedenen Funktionen verdeutlichen
digital business transformation

Implementing digital strategies is a major challenge for many companies. In addition, the cultural shift toward more agile ways of working is an acute obstacle for the majority (65%) of companies. A unified roadmap that takes equal account of business and technological factors is the key to success here.

“OneContent” Design – Data and Process Integration (E2E)

Your customers get the content they need, when they need it, based on their personal interaction history.

One Content Design am Beispiel eines geräte- und systemübergreifenden Beispiel

„Online to Offline“ – Linking digital and stationary sales channels 

For the development of customer-centric sales channels, one uses and links analog and digital possibilities with each other and builds new digital business models on them.

Online to Offline präsentiert mit Holzwürfeln bei denen man das Präfix des Wortes verändern kann

“Hybrid concepts”

Local and digital experience communication

Future-proof and virtual: Location-independent online and hybrid events in 3D, virtual and augmented reality will be of great importance in the future.
An excellent example of the implementation of hybrid concepts is a virtual 360-degree tour of your own premises.
Soon you will also be able to take part in a virtual tour of our Frankfurt office. Until then, take a look at these sample shots:


Fahrzeug von hinten, Rücklichter sichtbar

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