Is your county or city at risk of another lockdown?

Our lockdown calculator provides you with information based on daily and regional figures.

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As new infections increase, so does the fear of a second lockdown. Restaurants, cafés, pubs and stores would have to close again. Sporting events could no longer take place and people would only be allowed to move around in public in very limited numbers or even exclusively with their mouths and noses covered. Thinking about the restrictions that a second Covid wave could bring reminds us of spring. Most of us would probably prefer to be without such measures.

The increasing number of infections worldwide makes it clear that this continues to be a very dynamic and serious situation.
Local authorities in particularly affected counties and cities are currently trying to prevent the spread of the virus by tightening restrictions.

Our lockdown calculator shows you whether your county or region is threatened by regional restrictions. At the same time, you can find out with just a few clicks what the situation is like in neighboring counties, your state and, and, and…. The lockdown calculator offers a quick overview for every morning.

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The Lockdown Calculator

Whether existing Covid measures are reduced or tightened will depend on the number of new infections. The limit set by the German government of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within the last seven days must not be exceeded. In Bavaria, this limit has even been lowered to 35 new infections.

Our lockdown calculator provides you with up-to-date information on which counties and cities are at risk of a renewed lockdown because they exceed the limit of 35 or 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants. For Austria and Switzerland, unfortunately, you will only find the figures for new infections, as different regulations apply to each of these two countries and it is difficult to map them.

How management succeeds in the new normal 

Home office and video meetings instead of mandatory presence. The Corona pandemic has also turned the world of work completely upside down. There is unlikely to be a complete return to the “old” world either, as many employers are realizing that their employees live productivity and innovation even in the home office. But this new world of work also brings many challenges for employees and managers.

Find out more about remote corporate management here.

How to protect yourself and others from infection

The German Federal Ministry of Health recommends some behavior identical to those to protect against flu viruses.
Here you will also find a fact sheet with current information on the coronavirus.
Together we can get through the colder season with the AHA formula and ventilation.


Wash hands regularly and for a sufficient time; at least 20 seconds under running water with soap.


Proper coughing and sneezing into a disposable handkerchief or the crook of your arm will protect those around you.


Keep at least 1.5 m away from people around you, especially if they have a cough, cold or fever. If it is not possible to keep the safe distance, wear an everyday mask that covers the mouth and nose


Avoid touching and shaking hands to greet and say goodbye.


The more we spend time indoors, the more important ventilation becomes. In this way, we reduce the risk of infection from aerosols.


Even despite the loosening restrictions, you should be careful with interpersonal contacts and continue to avoid large gatherings of people. Please also observe the current regulations of your federal state.


The first symptoms are cough, scratchy throat, cold and fever. If you experience these signs of illness, avoid unnecessary contact and stay home if possible. Contact your family doctor to discuss further action.


When traveling within Germany, inform yourself about the rules that are in effect in the respective federal state. Information for people returning from abroad can be found here.

Your contact person regarding the Lockdown Calculator

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Sebastian Sohr and his team developed the Covid-O-Mat and the Lockdown Calculator outside of day-to-day business.
As co-founder of Consileon Business Consultancy, he has been working for Consileon since 2001. The mathematics graduate is an expert in the fields of business analytics, artificial intelligence and software development.

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