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Consileon supports car company in retreading and global rollout of network presence – user-centric and focused


New digital brand presence: Everything on one website

To mark its move into electromobility, a German automaker has redesigned and technically upgraded its website. Among other things, this affects the configurators, the dealer search function, and the contact forms for the parent brand, including commercial vehicles. The new website went live across Europe in September 2019, with America and the rest of the world to follow by mid-2020. Consileon is helping to integrate the group’s foreign subsidiaries and partners into its digital marketing in this multi-project. Due to the rapid pace of technological progress, the website’s functions and content need to be regularly adapted.

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Flagship project

The relaunch of the website is regarded within the Group as a beacon project for an agile way of working.
Given the success and the technically innovative approach, other specialist areas, departments, and project teams are interested in integrating their modules into the website based on microservices. Many opportunities are emerging here to combine added value for end customers with synergy effects within the Group. Among others, the following services lend themselves to this:

  • Used car search
  • Demand configurator
  • Vehicle visualizer
  • Range calculator
  • Charging stations

The iterative-incremental process model in the project leans heavily on Scrum. The motto is to recognize errors quickly and learn from them. This is by no means a matter of course because large companies are generally less agile and organized in silos.

After the specification of a minimum viable product (MVP), the functional scope is successively expanded in two-week development rounds (sprints). To maximize user-friendliness, the MVP development was preceded by extensive testing in usability labs, including A/B evaluation by real representatives of the target groups. The test persons were also allowed to assess the individual product increments before they were implemented.

User in focus

The focus of the conception, specification, and realization of the web apps is on the needs of the target groups. What is useful to them also serves to create value for the company. The requirements were prioritized according to this criterion. The user-centric approach represents a conscious departure from the sometimes technology-loving process models of the past, in which customer benefits often played only a secondary role.

The new apps are being used in all sales regions in both the Commercial Vehicles and Passenger Cars divisions of the Group. This means that the differing legal and technical requirements of the individual importers or sales companies have to be met, which increases the complexity of development and rollout planning. In addition, the consultants‘ intercultural competence, empathy, and communication skills are in demand when working with the stakeholders in the individual rollout countries.

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More about our automotive team

We take over the following tasks in the complex large-scale project


Global rollout of online configurators, dealer locators and contact forms for the core brand including commercial vehicles.


Management of requirements for further development of the content management system (CMS), configurators, dealer search and contact.

Management of requirements for further development of the content management system (CMS), configurators, dealer search and contact.

We act in the following roles, among others.


Scrum masters and alignment managers coordinate the technical exchange between the subprojects, service providers and users.


Savvy UX consultants oversee usability labs and help refocus IT development on customer value.


Requirements managers advise the customer’s product owners (PO) and formulate precisely fitting user stories for the implementation of the development partner’s software increments.


At the interface between product owners and the market, rollout managers ensure that all parts of the sales applications meet local requirements and can go online on schedule.


Data managers ensure the quality of technical vehicle data, advise the foreign subsidiaries and partners on the setup and maintenance of product data and, in coordination with rollout management, ensure that the product data is presented in the sales apps in a technically correct manner.

Teamwork as a success factor in complex projects

Portrait Markus Mäschke

We master the high complexity of the project by working together optimally as a well-coordinated team. That’s why, when filling positions, we make sure that colleagues not only have the required technical knowledge, but also the appropriate soft skills and social competence to enable long-term cooperation based on trust.

Markus Mäschke, Principal and member of the rollout team

Consileon has been working for the customer for two decades. Our Consileon team (with currently more than 20 full-time consultants) actively shapes the digital strategy of the group.

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