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Take advantage of tomorrow’s opportunities with business agility

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Globalization, digitization, rapid market changes, disruption and unprecedentedly fast technological innovations are the current challenges of our time. Companies must make their existing business models, organizations and structures agile in order to adapt to changing market conditions and remain competitive in the future.

The business results of scaled agility speak for themselves:

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What is the point of scaled agility?

Business agility enables organizations to identify emerging opportunities and make quick decisions.

The SAFe® 5.0 framework provides a framework for implementing scaled agility in your organization.


Consileon has successfully worked with many different companies from a wide range of industries to implement agile structures.

For example, we helped Commerzbank set up two Agile Release Trains (ARTs) and supported their employees in running agile events, such as PI planning.

At a multinational car manufacturer, Consileon supported, among others, the agile development of digital elements (VR Showrom Configurator, Experience Table) for the first City Store in Hamburg.  We were also involved in the agile implementation of the after-sales process.


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Learn more about scaled agility:

Titelbild der Studie zu SME

2025 Future SME-Banking – Welcome to the New Normal

Our study “2025 Future SME Banking – Welcome to the New Normal” uses an SME banking transformation compass to help banks and savings banks in the business customer segment become profitable and resilient. The compass takes an integrative look at implementation based on key success factors and focuses on the bank’s ability to transform.

Sparschwein aus Glas, das symbolisch für nachhaltige Finanzanlegen steht. Grüner Busch in Euro Form wächst im Schwein

Sustainability? Yes!
But only the right way!

Sustainability remains a key issue for the financial industry – due to complex regulations and upcoming regulatory reviews, the implementation of the sustainability strategy is becoming increasingly essential for banks and asset managers.

Familienkardiologie und medizinische Gesundheitsversorgung

Health insurance

New challenges and laws require secure and lasting digitization at health insurance companies.

Our expert for scaled agility:

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We at Consileon, as a certified Silver Partner, have been able to build up both the methodological competence and practical experience and expertise in this area over the years with various customers.

Ingo Faulhaber

SAFe® Specialist at Consileon
+49 174 3222506

As a certified Silver Partner we also offer SAFe certification trainings

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