Operational Excellence (OpEx) for Automotive

Whether OEM or supplier, the fast pace and high dynamics in the automotive environment require new working methods. Consileon helps you break down rigid structures and has specialized in the introduction of Scrum and SAFe . In addition, our PMO-model supports the introduction of agile working methods and optimizes portfolio, committee and knowledge management.

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Whether you are just about to start your first agile project or you are on the transformation to an agile organization - Consileon helps you at every stage.

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We have been working intensively with agile methods for 12 years, building agile Centers of Excellence and have extensive training and education experience in Scrum, SAFe or OKR. Contact us and we will be happy to tell you about our customer references and discuss your requirements without obligation. We look forward to hearing from you!

We optimize your organization!

What does the perfect organization look like in your opinion? It definitely has to be able to offer innovative products and services, should be resilient to external conditions and highly efficient in its implementation.

As things stand today, we consider agile working methods to be the most important tools for achieving this high-performance organization and “operational excellence”. Our consultants have years of experience in agile and bring with their unclouded view from the outside, new incentives and ideas into your processes and methods. Our services in the Operational Excellence cluster include:

  • Introduction of agile methods (SAFe/SCRUM) in your organization
  • Workshops and (executive) training on SAFe, SCRUM, OKR and Design Thinking
  • Provide project members (product owner, scrum master, etc.)
  • Project Management Office (PMO)
  • (IT) portfolio management
  • Committee management
  • Knowledge management

With our excellent technical and methodological expertise, we make important contributions to optimized organizational structures and process flows for our customers.

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