More sales thanks to optimized payment processing

3% more sales in online business without the need to acquire new customers

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Anyone can promise you that we provide you with the proof

Many online stores lose individual orders or even customers if they cannot select their preferred payment method or if the actual payment process is interrupted because, for example, the credit card authorization does not work. Figuratively speaking, the customer is standing at the checkout, has the wallet in his hand, but cannot buy the goods because he cannot pay for them. Would you you still buy from this store? Most likely not.

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Source: Fittkau & Maaß: W3B-Report “Kaufentscheidung im Internet”, 2014

You can also find all the information you need in our Payment Audit flyer and on our homepage on this topic. (The flyer is only available in German.)

We answer the following questions in a payment audit


Are you offering the right payment options for your customers?


Are you working with the right partners?


Does the mix of your payments received compare favorably with other companies in your market segment?


Is there potential for optimization in your interfaces?


Can you improve your processes to complete payment faster?

Aspects and implementation of the payment audit

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Your benefit – our experts

You benefit from a payment audit in two ways: You increase your sales and reduce your costs at the same time. Our experts support you – independently and with proven success.

Why don't others notice this, Mr. Tittelbach?

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“Common analysis tools only look at the area up to checkout in the store. This is the point where we first start our work and check for gaps that occur after that. We look where no one else is looking.”

Thomas Tittelbach, Payment-Spezialist bei Consileon

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Would you like our support in optimizing your payments?

Would you like our support in optimizing your payments?

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