Knowledge transfer without virus transfer

During a pandemic, every attendance event threatens to turn into a spreading event. No clinic or doctor in private practice wants to risk this, especially as there is a risk of lasting damage to their reputation in addition to the accelerated spread of the virus. On the other hand, staff training on topics such as hygiene, data protection or the use of medical equipment is essential.

Consileon develops and implements training apps for use on stationary or mobile devices. Your employees can use it to learn and practice at their own pace, whenever the schedule allows. The manager or presenter can also deliver or record the course when it best fits with the clinic’s daily routine.

Together with your specialists, we develop the content and the form of presentation of the course. Depending on the topic, we incorporate video clips, graphics or short texts. We use archive material that is still up-to-date in accordance with your wishes. If required, we will produce the course in several languages.

After each learning section, you can ask the participants test questions. These serve on the one hand to check comprehension, and on the other hand to repeat the subject matter and thus transfer it to the long-term memory. The course ends with a certificate of participation, complemented by an evaluation of the test answers if required.