… saves time and paper

Clinics and doctors’ offices still record their patients’ medical histories and current complaints on paper. All those seeking advice fill out the same detailed anamnesis form by hand, although usually only some of the questions are relevant. The evaluation also takes longer than necessary because handwriting is slower to read than typing. If the patient also writes illegibly, interpretation errors can creep in.

Consileon designs your medical history form as an app or web form, with integrated plausibility checks if desired. Your patients can fill out the electronic form at home or on their way to you. It can also be differentiated according to target groups, e.g. regular or first-time patients, age group, gender or chronic diseases. In this way, you also avoid having to repeatedly enter unchanged data for regular patients.

The system forwards the information internally. With their access data, the responsible colleagues can view the information from any workstation. If further information is obtained during the admission consultation, the doctor enters it directly into the digital form or clarifies the patient’s details. After the consultation, he transfers the data to the patient file.