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The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the banking sector is omnipresent. In customer support, chatbots answer enquiries and provide personalised recommendations for products and services. AI algorithms are used in fraud prevention to identify suspicious transactions, both in online banking and for credit cards.

How does generative AI ensure secure compliance?

The use of AI in compliance processes makes it possible to react more quickly to new regulatory requirements and better recognise risks. AI can replace the following manual processes:

Searching legal and compliance documents

Summarising legal texts

Check compliance with regulatory requirements

Identifying adaptation requirements

Preparation of risk and performance reports

However, this is only possible if the AI system works safely and reliably.

Consileon offers various solutions for implementing compliance processes securely and efficiently with AI:


Lighthouz AI

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Lighthouz AI is a comprehensive quality assurance system for AI applications, including chatbots and agents. Based on scientific methods and metrics, the system checks the output of artificial intelligence for coherence, reliability, security and data protection.

CTA MyPersonalGPT IT Automotive


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MyPersonalGPT is your individual AI chatbot that can be trained to categorise, summarise and compare the content of legal texts, regulatory documents and reports. Increase your efficiency and optimise your processes.

Would you like to use generative AI safely for regulatory purposes?

Julia Läßig is our expert for regulation, compliance and digitalisation in the banking sector. She has over 25 years of experience in this field.

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