Where do these errors come from so suddenly?

One reason may be that your IT systems are getting on in years. Individual processes have been gradually digitized, and new applications and networking have been successively added. However, new software and applications often do not correspond well with the existing IT. Perhaps one programming was better than the other, or an added application was not tested thoroughly enough. 

As the complexity of the system increases, so does the risk of errors. At the same time, flexibility in the face of change decreases. This extends the life cycle of functionally weak software systems and drives up costs. 

Our quality and efficiency audits keep your system “fit” longer

For our audit methodology, we use both expert knowledge and innovative tools for the evaluation of software products or development processes. 

From software to financing and asset management products to sensitive payment software, we develop a custom-fit audit for every consulting area. We also have the right audit procedure for your IT: We will be happy to advise you on how to preserve the value of your system for as long as possible.