Secure cloud infrastructure through Zero Trust


We work with you to develop your customized Azure solution.

Zero Trust is the modern approach to professionally securing complex and hybrid cloud solutions. The model allows attacks to be detected earlier and, above all, in a more targeted manner. This facilitates attack containment measures and increases responsiveness.

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Core factors

Central factors of a successful zero-trust strategy are strong identity management, automated monitoring of all activities, comprehensive vulnerability management, and a governance strategy with automated enforcement of policies.

Our experts work with you to develop a clear target picture with a suitable roadmap.


Our approach

We holistically review your existing or planned cloud architecture and advise you on your complete zero-trust journey.


INTRODUCTION in the Zero Trust philosophy and training of employees


AUDIT of the current IT infrastructure incl. security assessment and identification of involved stakeholders


MODERATION and conducting workshops, among other things, to define the target picture and develop a roadmap


COACHING during the implementation of the new safety strategy

Your contact: Jan Oetting

Portrait von Jan Oetting, Cyber-Security Experte

Companies want to allow their employees to work remotely, with a high level of security. However, IT must not hinder the employee, but must support him or her. (Jan Oetting)

Jan Oetting, who studied computer science, has been with Consileon for 11 years.

After a year of parental leave in Taiwan, Jan returned two years ago with a new topic: cyber security. Its importance is not yet high enough in German companies, as Jan finds. Using the latest tools and techniques, Jan is doing everything he can to make customer communications and IT systems in German companies more secure.

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