CCPM under tension – Megger Germany implements Critical Chain with Consileon 

Voltage is the order of the day at Megger Germany GmbH – in Baunach and Radeberg, the group of companies develops and produces electrical measurement technology for energy and water networks. The portfolio covers the entire range, from handheld devices and portable and vehicle-based systems to high-voltage testing equipment and stationary installations. Sophisticated technology for a worldwide clientele. Wherever complexity is involved, the danger of harmful multitasking, misplaced priorities and delay also lurks. To avert these dangers, Megger Germany GmbH decides to introduce Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) at the end of 2018. In 2021, three years later, it becomes apparent: “With CCPM, we have not only unleashed an economic success story for development or production, but rather found a holistic solution that lifts the company to a new functional level with cohesion and team spirit,” says Jürgen B. Müller.