Consultants let themselves be ” roasted” and face critical questions from the practical experience

Those who want to change something in their own company often encounter resistance: colleagues or superiors would rather leave everything as it is – after all, people are creatures of habit and somehow it works. Help can then come from external consultants. But do they really deliver what they promise? Or are consultants themselves so convinced of themselves and their approaches that they don’t really engage with their clients and offer feasible solutions? In a free virtual workshop, participants can put three consultants and their concepts through their paces.

Consultant barbecue” is the name of the new format in which three consultants from Consileon, Siemens Advanta and BorisGloger face critical questions from the practical experience. The participants are allowed to turn the tables and put the consultants’ methods to the test. The consultants Wolfram Müller, Conny Dethloff and Moritz Hornung will be confronted with real problems from practice. The participants will try to show why their concepts cannot work in their companies under any circumstances and check whether the three really have real solutions at hand. Ultimately, it is not only about putting the consultants’ approach to the test, but also about how to turn resistance into ideas for solutions.

The solution is often in the problem itself

“In our work with countless companies, we find time and again that many consultants actually don’t understand the problems that managers struggle with in practice,” explains Wolfram Müller, a bottleneck management specialist at Consileon. “So there really does seem to be something to the cliché. Yet it is precisely these problems and obstacles that contain the information on how a change towards a better way of working can succeed. And the easiest way to find solution modules and thus overcome obstacles is to ask specifically: Why doesn’t this method work in our company?

The consultant cricket was born out of this realisation. At the workshop, participants get the opportunity to understand how to introduce a method, whether it is suitable for them and what it brings to their organisation. They will learn about three modern methods to help their organisation reach new heights of performance. In addition, participants learn how to defend change projects against resistance, how to proceed if they want to change something in their company, how to get their colleagues on board and how to convince their boss.

Next barbecue event on Wednesday, 9 June

The first barbecue round already took place on 6 May with Wolfram Müller. At the consultant barbecue next Wednesday, 9 June, from 4.30 to 6.30 pm, Moritz Hornung will be “grilled” by the participants. He represents his approach of helping organisations to achieve more change and adaptability by means of biological analogies. The model for his ideas is the building block of all life: cells. Another “barbecue” will follow on 16 September at the same time, when Conny Dethloff’s constructivist worldview will be challenged. He is convinced that you can only describe and subsequently solve a real problem with a suitable framework of thought.

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