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In times of advancing digitization, which was accelerated once again by the Corona crisis, companies are often faced with the question of which projects to invest in. Thanks to new technologies and the transformation of work to New Work, there are many investment opportunities. The trick is to choose the right projects. To do this, business cases must be created for each venture in order to specify the projects and make them comparable. The consideration of all data, both quantitative and qualitative, is essential in order to be able to make a well-founded decision.

Experience from the daily work of consultants has shown that there is often a lack of systematic analysis of financial key figures in order to compare investment opportunities.

Based on this need, the Consileon Business Case Calculator was developed to help show in a short time, based on the most important data, whether a project is financially worthwhile or not. For this purpose, two proven financial ratios are used: the Net Present Value and the Payback Period.

After you have entered all the data for your business case, you can have it visualized. Because: A diagram often says more than 1,000 key figures.

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How does the evaluation of the business case work?

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Entering the core data

Define your project, plan, or investment opportunity and link it to the key financial parameters that should be applied to your business case (e.g., corporate tax rate).

Consileon Business Case Calculator (CBCC), Icon

Entering the business data

Enter your annual incoming and outgoing payments for predefined categories. Get the calculated impact on your annual net operating result after tax instantly.

Consileon Business Case Calculator (CBCC), Icon

Report generation

Generate a report for your stakeholders that evaluates your investment against two KPIs: net present value and payback period.

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User friendly interface


Archiving of different business cases and versions


Download results and reports


The tool is free of charge

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You can find the full-length tutorial here.

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