With the acquisition of Munich and Berlin-based Fintechcube GmbH, Karlsruhe-based Consileon Business Consultancy (CBC) is expanding its range of services to include the portfolio of a digital agency.

The acquisition opens up the Fintechcube team’s many years of experience in building internal startups (corporate startups) according to the lean startup method as well as in system interface and interaction design (UI, UX) to the clients of the Consileon Group. Founded at the end of 2015 by Florian Oswald and Gregor Puchalla in Munich and Berlin, the agency has made a name for itself as a leading digital agency for asset managers and SME financiers with projects such as the online asset management Solidvest, an e-leasing solution for abcfinlab or the BW Bank’s “BW Vermögen” app for asset management.

With Consileon at its side, Fintechcube is driving the transformation already initiated in 2020 and expanding its offering and industry expertise to expand beyond the financial sector. As part of the integration into the Consileon Group, the company is changing its name to “Consileon DX”. DX stands for Digital Experience. Thus positioned, the new Consileans offer three core services: Creation, development of corporate startups/digital units, and product conception and specification.

Consileon Group expanded to include digital agency

With this acquisition, the Consileon Group is continuing the steady growth of its range of expertise and staff. The internal awarding of agency contracts will result in both savings and opportunities for new business. Dr. Joachim Schü, managing partner of Consileon, commented: “We had been looking for a digital agency that we could integrate into the group for a year. With the two Fintechcube founders, I immediately had the impression that their way of thinking, their experience and their team were a good fit for us. On the one hand, the colleagues round out our fintech expertise – after all, we are very successful in this industry ourselves. On the other hand, our clients and third-party partners from other industries, including automotive, healthcare and retail, will also benefit from the creativity and design know-how of our youngest subsidiary. Of course, the fact that we are represented by offices in two cities with over a million inhabitants at one go as a result of the acquisition also played a role.”

From the perspective of the two Fintechcube founders and future Consileon DX managing directors Gregor Puchalla and Florian Oswald, the latter adds: “In our discussions with Dr. Schü, we immediately felt confidence in ourselves and our strategy. Hand in hand with our 460 new colleagues from consulting and IT, we will focus on what we do best: developing innovative digital business models and processes that not only look good, but also optimally meet the needs of the user.”