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CSRD: new rules, new growth – Study

Are there also positive aspects of CSRD for companies? Can the new rules serve as a driver of innovation and motivate managers to drive forward the sustainable transformation of their companies? Together with the Centre for Sustainable Transformation (zNT), we are addressing this question as part of a study.

Sustainability in the financial industry

Our study “Sustainability in the Financial Industry – A Stocktaking”, which presents the current state of the financial industry, will be published shortly.


Regulatory milestones on sustainability in financing

Corporate banking has a great deal of leverage for achieving sustainability goals and is sensitive to sustainability risks – legislators have also recognized this and launched a series of regulations.

Emission standards for vehicles

The legal standards governing emissions have become increasingly complex and opaque in recent years. Our whitepaper Emissions standards for vehicles: Euro 6, WLTP, Vecto and Co. provides an overview of the history of these regulations, the status in 2021 and upcoming changes.

The beginning is made!

It is impossible to imagine the modern business and working world without the topic of sustainability. Most people agree that sustainability will remain a megatrend for a long time to come. But how well is the financial sector in particular positioned?

Ausschnitt aus einem Team von Kollegen, die eine aus der Erde wachsende Pflanze halten.

Sustainability in finance

Alongside digitalisation and demographic change, sustainability will be the dominant theme of the decade ahead. Only those companies and banks that align their business model and organisation with the criteria of the environment, social issues and good corporate governance at an early stage will gain advantages in the ever tougher competition. ab.

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Shared Mobility: Market Positioning

In the shared mobility market, sustainable success is essentially based on two factors: a profound understanding of user expectations and a state-of-the-art offering.

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Shared mobility: Megatrends

Megatrends such as digitization and climate change are also affecting the automotive industry and forcing it to rethink mobility in a sustainable way.

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