Smart Mobility Studie 2021, Titelbild

Smart Mobility Study 2021

Order the new smart mobility study on connectivity and sustainability of transport as well as smart mobility in German cities.

Parkplatz mit Schulbüssen

Development of digital sales products

Operational management of the content creation process of e-mobility content on the website of an automotive manufacturer and optimization of the content as part of the transition to the new brand design.

Person bezahlt mit Bezahlkarte an der Ladesäule für E-Auto

Charging infrastructure

You can only understand the problems of the charging infrastructure if you know the tasks of all those involved in the value chain. We present these to you here.

EScooter an der Straße


Everything about e-scooters, the last mile and competitors in the market.

Batterie wird in eine Elektro Auto eingesetzt

Separation of battery and e-car

Again and again, e-cars are confronted with the comparatively low range. The Chinese supplier NIO proves that there is more than one way to solve this problem.

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