Blue Dolphin

What is “BlueDolphin” all about?

Wolfram Müller, the co-founder of BlueDolphin talks about its community tied around self-organization, agile transformations and bottleneck management.

Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM)

Megger – Error location systems

Megger Germany implements Critical Chain with Consileon. In our article you will learn everything you need to know about CCPM.

Engpassmanagement einfach erklärt.

Where is the bottleneck?

If a company’s output is not right or processes simply take too long, it is usually due to a bottleneck.

Consultants’ barbecue

Colleagues or superiors would rather leave everything as it is – after all, humans are creatures of habit and somehow it works. Help can then come from external consultants. But do they really deliver what they promise?

Scaling Agile Summit 2021 – Consileon as sponsor

Is it time for a change in your company? Is the satisfaction of your employees and the certainty that this change will succeed in the foreground? Our Challenging Workshop at the Scaling Agile Summit 2021 is the right one for you. Win a ticket for the Scaling Agile Summit 2021 now.

IMO Summit

PMO Impact Summit 2020

Implement more projects in the same time. Is it possible? Yes, it is! Wolfram Müller will show you how at the PMO Impact Summit 2020.

Wolfram müller bei einer Präsentation

We introduce… Wolfram Müller

Wolfram Müller is a bottleneck management specialist at Consileon and helps his customers to implement more projects at the same cost.

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