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What is this all about? In July 2013, the “Act to Promote Electronic Administration” was passed in the Bundestag. It provided for citizens to communicate digitally with their administration in the future. Whether paying fees, submitting forms or organizing files, everything is to be handled online in the future. Almost a decade later, the public sector is still in the middle of the digital transformation.

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Consileon digitises Austria!

In summer 2022, the Austrian Federal Procurement has concluded a large-volume framework agreement with Consileon to digitise the Austrian public sector.

Public Sector Offensive

Public Sector-Offensive

Consileon AT wins several framework contracts for IT services in the course of a public sector offensive and thus lays the foundation for further growth.

Mitarbeiter in einem Meeting

The change of society

IT and cooperations solve the challenges of our society. In addition to its administrative tasks, the federal government is driving change in society.

Digitales Vorbild: Bundesagentur für Arbeit. Auf dem Bild ist Digitale Transformation grafisch dargestellt.

Digital model

The Bundesagentur für Arbeit (BA, engl. Federal Employment Agency) is the pioneer among public authorities. It digitized job exchanges and job counseling many years ago.