Category: Software development

Evolution of intranet portals

Originating as a digital version of the bulletin board, employee or intranet portals today offer centralized, protected, uniformly designed access to internal company information and IT applications.

IT-supported personnel resource planning in retail

Resource planners allocate personnel to upcoming work in terms of time and location. This is an operational task with a short- to medium-term time horizon. Numerous constraints are incorporated into the shift plan, including:

Introduction of a loyalty program in retail

Self-promotion launched at the kiosk and combinations of offers from the retailer and the loyalty program provider bind regular customers more closely to the brand and motivate new customers to participate.

Indoor navigation and tracking in stationary retail

The opportunities that indoor navigation opens up for stationary retail extend far beyond finding an item on the shelf. The cell phone as a helper when working through the shopping list marks only the first stage of a digital retrofit of the sales floor.

Build new or renovate?

Efficient business processes require seamless interaction between a wide variety of IT systems. We follow the principle of adapting the software to your processes and not vice versa.